5 Ways to Get More Views for Your Content

Yes, people have mastered optimizing blog posts. However, they keep forgetting another form of content.

Most SEO marketers neglect the benefits of video content. Like lengthy articles, publishing videos online needs some polishing, too!

person editing a video on a laptop

If you refer to the Searchmetrics’ 2018 study, you will know that videos are visible to 23% of all mobile results and 22% of all desktop results. Meanwhile, news and other blog snippets only account to 16% of the mobile results. Clearly, videos have a huge potential to make it big. Users see it often on their mobile search engine results page.

So, the question now is… how to do we get people to watch your video? What are the tips to increase a video’s watch time?

It All Starts with an Excellent Idea.

  • Like in any content you will published, it is absolutely important to create something great. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this. You need to sit down and research on some content ideas. When you present something interesting to your audience, your videos will most likely get watched.

Offer an Irresistible Video Openings

  • You should not focus on the actual video itself. Of course, there are opening and closing credits. At least, provide a snippet of what people can expect upon watching the entire video.
  • Present a teaser during the opening. Do not wait for people to get to the middle part until you show the interesting part. Lure them in from the start of your video. There should be a constant craving for your videos. It should always pique the interests of your viewers.
  • Little Monster Media analyzed YouTube videos from 2016 and 2017, and they found out that 7 to 16-minute videos got more views compared to the longer (or shorter) videos.

Create a Playlist

  • The task is not done once you successfully uploaded your video. Take time to organize all your uploads and group them together. By creating a playlist, you can divide your videos into different groups.
  • It is beneficial for you and your viewers because the playlists allow them watch related videos without much intervention. Moreover, they don’t have to constantly look for the other videos in the series. This increases watch time and people would prefer to watch it all in one go since you have organized it for them beforehand.
  • So, start sorting your videos and arrange them by relevancy!

Consistency Is KEY!

  • You can also schedule your videos just like your blogs. Create a schedule when you will upload your videos and, of course, inform your viewers the exact time and date. You can use scheduled publishing to schedule a private video to go public at a specific time.
  • According to the same Little Monster Media study, the group found out that YouTube channels posting 4.4 videos every week garnered 36.4 times more views compared to channels that would only publish 1.2 videos every week.

Talk to Your Audience

  • You are publishing online content for them. It’s gonna be a shame if you don’t involve them into your videos. Tell them to comment and share their thoughts on your latest video.
  • Of course, don’t forget to respond to comments after you post a video. The loyal viewers get to comment first so give them a special shout-out!