More Tips in Increase User Engagements

In part 1, I already gave you 5 tips in improving your user engagements. This time, I will give you 5 more tips in increasing user engagements.

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If you think that you need to do a review on the basics of user engagements, just click on the topic and you will redirected to the page. If you are all set, then, let’s go through the tips mentioned below.

  • Suggest a Related Post & Provide Links to Other Blog Post.

Aid people in finding content related to their search, and the best way to do this is by linking other blog post. For example, this post is about user engagement, I’m going to link the user engagement stats to closely monitor.

Link related topics together so that the readers can easily access them without having to manually search for all these interconnected topics. So, every time you talk about something, don’t forget to add a link.

  • Don’t Forget to Add a Search Option.

Of course, you can’t just link everything in one post, right? Let your web visitors find what they are looking for. They can refer to your website’s search function once they need to look for a specific post.

Having a search option satisfies your users. It allows them to find and select the appropriate solution for their problems. If they can’t find anything relevant to their topic, then, they would surely abandon your site. You totally missed the opportunity to satisfy their needs, and they will choose to find a better solution somewhere else.

  • Obvious Call-to-Action Buttons to Assist Customers for the Next Step

Yes, your website is there for people to purchase your products and services. However, you just don’t shove it on their faces right away. There should be a process, and you need to provide information about the product first.

Then, that is the time that you will slowly convince them to buy. Don’t be in a hurry in getting to the “buy” part because your web visitors need some vital information first. If they don’t know the product, why would they buy it?

Every website should inform their users first, and then, direct them to the page they want. From there, it’s easy to convince them to buy your products just provide the necessary CTAs.

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  • Add a Chat Feature.

Sometimes, the search option is not enough. Users won’t find the answer they need no matter how they search your site. If they can’t locate what they need, it’s also convenient to include a chat option to offer more assistance to your users.

You can also have an automated bot to filter out the queries. Just compile the frequently asked questions and provide the standard script on how to solve this issue. Whether you wish to implement a live chat or an automated chat, it’s really up to your business goals.

  • Acquire Email Addresses and Engage Through Email.

Lastly, how do you convince people to return to your site? Easy! You email them about the latest updates about your website.

It’s easier to find customers since you already have their email. You can send out surveys and keep them updated about the latest deals. So, don’t forget to obtain the email addresses of your web visitors and provide content they want so they will always come back for more.

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