Phoenix Web Design – 6 Ways in Creating an Effective SEO Strategy Using a Limited Budget (Part 1)

In this series of blog posts, I will teach you the things you need in formulating an SEO strategy that won’t necessarily hurt your bank account. Yes, you can still achieve success even with a limited budget. In order to create an effective SEO strategy, you have to organize and plan well.

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Acknowledge your limitations.

First, you have to assess your situation. You can’t simply ignore the setbacks that lie ahead of you; a limited budget could mean you are going to accommodate these problems areas. Truthfully, this is a crucial part in developing an SEO strategy for your website. Furthermore, you have face these realities and find a way to work around it. The problems you may encounter could be any of the following:

Time Constraints

With a limited budget, of course, you won’t have time to make the necessary SEO optimizations you want to do. Plus, the tiny budget could be shared among other website plans and strategies.

Minimal Resources

It could mean that you won’t have access to the premium SEO tools out there. For one, keyword research is one task you need to do before actually adding content. Research is essential in any project!

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Little Expertise

If tools are limited, then so are the available SEO experts you can grab and help you in your project. For those who cannot contact that many people, hiring a highly knowledgeable expert will just harm the budget. There could be gaps in formulating the final SEO strategies.

Insufficient Money for Assets

Well, of course, money won’t flow endlessly like a river. You won’t have enough budget to expand your skills and your team. For example, you might not be able to hire graphic designer, social media manager, multimedia editor, and etc.

Thus, it is important for you to identify what your website needs. For content heavy website, you would need an editor to proofread every published content. For an artsy website, one might need to invest on a designer to produce personalized images and banners.

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Make up for the limitations.

Now that you know that the budget is limited, you can start to find other alternatives. For one, Google has free website analytics and analysis through Google Analytics.

There is also Google Trends if you need to research on the latest trends. To give you a report on the progress of your website, there are various webmaster tools that you can use.

Yes, it would definitely be tedious on your end because it would mean less automation and more effort. Don’t lose hope because there are still Things That SEO Tools Will NOT Tell You. Not everything can be solved through purchasing a high-end tool or a state-of-the-art device.


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