8 Tips in Writing the Quintessential List Post

For sure, when there’s a list post, people will devour it quickly. As I mentioned previously, readers favor this type of post. In fact, a list post is the second most preferred post format. However, not a lot of people have perfected the proper procedure of doing things.

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There are still some who terribly fail at organizing a fun list post. With that being said, I decided to list down a few tips in crafting the best list post. It’s not easy as you think. Nevertheless, if you apply these tips, I’m sure you will grasp the precise way of constructing a list post. Here are the 8 tips you need to know:

  • An effective list post gets rid of the flowery and euphemistic words. It should elaborate each bullet point explicitly.
  • Yes, not all points may be something new and refreshing for your readers, but at least, they take away a thing or two. They might say to themselves, “Hey, I already know 1 and 2. However, numbers 3 to 5 are something I didn’t know about. I should apply these tips right away!”
  • A prime list post should also be relatable to the general public. Give concrete examples that are all around you, and something almost everyone uses on a daily basis. If you have a wide demographic of followers, just go with the general scenarios and explain it in great detail.
  • Of course, it would not be a list post if you don’t number your items! This is crucial when you are formulating a long list. The numbers help the audience calculate their reading progress as they can through your article. For instance, you can remind your readers that “We are on the 4th point now” or “You have reached the 2nd to the last tip.”

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  • Just because you made a list post, it does NOT mean that the article should not follow a certain flow. Like your other published post, there should be a unique story to it. You can sort your list by relevance; you can also do it alphabetically, or chronologically.
  • Another related tip is to start and end your post with your strongest and most impactful piece of advice. For the middle part, it’s up to you to rearrange the points. Just think of it as a sandwich. You would need the perfect bun to hold also the tomato, cheese, lettuce, and the meat all together.
  • Lastly, a list post can only entice the audience if it is able to tell the readers what to expect by just reading the title. Because the readers know exactly what they will get upon reading, there are no mind games and no beating around the bush.
  • On this note, look at your post title and check if they are concise and direct to the point. If you indicate 5 tips, make sure you are able to give 5. If you put there “tutorial,” ensure that your instructions are clear. Stick to what you indicated on your title!

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