Increase Conversion Through Emotional Appeal

As I am writing this article, the current world population is more than 7,692,000,000 people already! We now live in a digital age that makes us very dependent with our gadgets. We heavily rely on Facebook to communicate with friends. In 2018, over 1.8 billion people shopped products online. So much has changed with how we live our lives.

Emotional Beings.

In spite of the advancement in technology, there are still things that remain the same. At the center of it all, humans are still predictable. We love good food, we are afraid of alone, we long to be with other people, and we cry every time we watch a sappy romance move. Being emotional is a characteristic ingrained within us.

Woman Wearing Black Eyeglasses

Humans haven’t changed.

As an online business owner, we try to use psychology to market our products, and convince people to purchase whatever we are selling. Whether the items groceries, fashion accessories, or electronic devices, we aren’t in charge of our decisions. As humans, we are still under the mercy of the id, ego and super-ego.

According to Sigmund Freud, our personality has 3 main parts: the id, the ego, and the super-ego. The id refers to our primal instincts. So, online marketers subtly suggest ideas in our minds. They analyze our strong and weak points to urge us to buy the latest products.

When you have a business, it’s important to enhance your website for better conversion rates. Consider these 2 methods that influence the potential customers’ process of arriving to an ultimate decision.

  • Emotions Reduce Self-consciousness.
    • The thing is… emotions are powerful thing. When you market your products and appeal to human emotions, it will always win.
    • No matter how humans claim that they are intellectual beings and they aren’t ruled by emotions. Deep down, humans are. We all are.
    • A recent study showed that the human brain favors emotion appeal over logical reasons, facts, and evidence. Well, the facts presented help people decide, but this analytical approach also raises inhibitions. In short, when we take into consideration logic and rational information, our guards are up!
    • On the other hand, the emotional appeal affects greatly affects our behavior. The surprising part is we do NOT question these ads.
    • You probably just went on it and bought everything you saw because you felt excited. Perhaps, you shopped too much because you got heartbroken. In these instances, it really proves that, sometimes, logic is thrown out the window! We decided to buy a product simply because it made us smile.
  • The Power of a Human Face.
    • The study not only proved the power of an intuitive ad, but also the power of a human face. In the study I mentioned, photos of beautiful people were used to entice customers in buying.
    • In addition, if you also include a face – particularly a smiling face – conversion rate will most likely increase exponentially.
    • Whether it is a royalty free photo or a professional stock photo, just as long as the image features a human face; it will surely attract potential customers.
    • A customer has an instant connection to the photo. It is now easy to convince him to go through the conversion and sales funnel. (And yes, that’s why I added a human face as the post’s featured image.)