Why blogging should be a key part of your digital marketing strategy

Having a blog for your business is one of the first things every digital marketer will tell you. Us included. But why? What’s the point of a business blog? How can one benefit your business?


In today’s post, we’ll cover the four key reasons why having a blog is such an essential part of a digital marketing strategy and why a blog is a must-have for any business.


You’ll get more traffic to your website

Blogging is crucial for effective SEO. One of the things we preach is the importance of keyword targeting and thematic content for ranking purposes. A blog is a great way to achieve both of these things. Firstly, creating blog posts that are targeted at specific keywords will increase the number of terms your business ranks for. That means your site will appear more in search engines and more people will visit your website as a result. But having more content and more thematically related content can also boost your site’s overall rankings. And this can result in huge jumps in ranking position and huge spikes in traffic. It’s really a simple equation: the more content your site has, the more chances it has for ranking.


Your business will gain credibility

Another direct benefit of blogging is that your business gains credibility and becomes established as an authority. By blogging, your company gets the chance to show that it knows what is talking about. It’s also an opportunity to address the most commonly asked questions from users and customers and to face some of the roadblocks to conversions head on. By showing you know your industry as well or better than anyone else, you can quickly establish the kind of trust that customers need before they make a purchase.


It can convert traffic into leads

Touching on the above, sometimes your visitors need a bit of encouragement to purchase from you. Maybe they aren’t at the purchasing stage yet. Maybe they are still researching. By having a blog, you can educate your audience and help guide them down your conversion funnel from browsers to customers. What’s more, every single blog post can be a sly advert for your business. By adding a lead generation call to action at the bottom of your posts, you can turn readers into customers in a single click. What other marketing channels can say the same?


It contributes to long-term growth

Blogging isn’t a one-off piece of marketing. Your blog posts will last as long as the internet does. That means you’re going to get lifetime value from your investment. If you write a blog and email it out to your audience, you may get five leads. The next day you might get five more. But that is not the end of it. Because your blog will get ranked in Google, you can keep receiving traffic and leads from it forever. By that point, it’s not even an active form of marketing – it’s passive and you can earn leads while you sleep.


Want to grow your business’ blog but don’t have the time? That’s where we come in. We can take care of everything for you: coming up with ideas, writing the content and even publishing them. And you still get all of the benefits discussed above.