Business SEO: 3 Simple Things to Do on a Weekly Basis (Part 1)

For many business owners, they dread the word SEO. It seems to be tantamount to computer jargons, technical aspects of the business, and complicated procedures. SEO would mean confusion and difficulty for most people. However, SEO doesn’t have to be that way!

woman doing a business transaction and swiping her card

Small business owners won’t have to fear SEO!

SEO isn’t as mind-boggling as you think.

Of course, becoming an SEO expert, that requires tremendous effort. However, if you abide by the rules, I don’t think life will be difficult. Just follow Google, and all the Webmaster Guidelines right here. Here’s 3 things you need to add on your SEO task list:

  1. Write, write, and write.
    • Content is an important factor in SEO. As much as possible, you should blog, at least, 2 times a week. I know, you are probably giving me the side eye! Who reads blogs nowadays?
    • Blogging is not mere texts. You can add customized, and you can even attach videos. Now, you can beautify your website all you want, but without the right content, it is nothing. A website should be able to address the users concerns. If you don’t blog, how can you provide solutions and answers to everyday problems?
    • You might ask, why not make blogging an everyday task? At first, it seems pretty easy, but it can be paralyzing. You wouldn’t want to post something shallow or something that’s filled with errors. That’s absolutely a no-no!
    • So, posting twice a week ain’t so bad. That way, you can focus on every blog post you will create. Before you know it, you will have thousands of blog posts that are ready to help, educate, and inform various users.
  1. Check your Google Analytics account.
    • Always find time to check your stats. Don’t just do it each month. Instead, do it on a weekly basis.
    • In Google Analytics, you can monitor performance metrics such as the bounce rates, click-through rates, session time, and many more.
    • If you spend an hour or so, you will learn a lot. What pages got the most clicks? What did not perform as expected? Remember, you can only know these things if you spend time looking through your Google Analytics report. So, allot a particular time to download them, and analyze the given numbers.
  1. Take time to read about SEO.
    • Lastly, know what other are doing. You might get tips and tricks if you spend an hour browsing the web. Every week, take time to read what’s currently happening in the SEO industry. Keep visiting our blog and make it part of your online habit. Bookmark Phoenix Website Design and I will keep you on the loop at all times!

Wrapping up

At any given moment, Google can change the game. It’s important to always be updated on the latest algorithm changes. To know what’s in and what’s not, always read the Google blog, the Google Developers blog, and the Webmasters blog.

Whenever you feel confused, always go back to the basics and read the Webmaster Guidelines right here. Always listen to the SEO rules given by Google. Need more tips? check out Business SEO: 3 Simple Things to Do on a Weekly Basis (Part 2)