Business SEO: 3 Simple Things to Do on a Weekly Basis (Part 2)

If you have read Business SEO: 3 Simple Things to Do on a Weekly Basis (Part 1), you will realize that SEO isn’t as difficult as one might think. Of course, if you want to be an SEO expert, it requires a lifetime of studying. Learning never stops because SEO is always evolving.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is quite easy.

Just follow the rules, and you are safe. If you want to know the complete guidelines, Google posted the Webmaster Guidelines right here. As long as you pay close attention to what Google mentioned in the Webmaster Guidelines, your website won’t be penalized for shady practices, or safe from being removed in the Google universe.

Like anything that you do, whether you are training for a sport or SEO, you need to constantly practice it and follow a strict schedule. If you do so, everything seems organized and manageable. It’s easy to know what is effective and what isn’t help you. Here’s 3 MORE things you need to add on your SEO task list:

  1. Write for other websites too.
  • Well, you can’t just write, write, and write for your own blog. You need to expose yourself too! One way of reaching out to other websites and other people is through guest blogging. Want to know the benefits? They are:
    • Gain links for your website,
    • Creates awareness for your brand,
    • Acquire more website traffic and more potential customers,
    • Receive more social media exposure.
  • Doing 1 guest blog per week will help you a lot! In fact, it will expose your website to a wider audience. You just won’t reach your audience, but also another set of demographic. Other than that, you will gain backlinks from all the websites that you written for.

three people laughing together

  1. Interact with digital influencers.
  • Take time to talk and interact with people. Your relationships won’t grow if you constantly talk about work. Lighten up and share your thoughts on social media. Follow people on social media and chat with them. It doesn’t have to about SEO.
  • Say hi and comment how the influencer inspired you, or it could be simply sharing his blog post. As you try to talk with them, they will know you. Thus, your relationships will be better. You will be exposed to a new network of friend. So, don’t be afraid to be the first one to initiate a conversation. Who knows? They will start to follow you and share your posts. Lucky, right?
  1. Do little tweaks on your website.
  • If you notice a broken link, then update the page and provide the correct link. To be honest, little things like updating an old post or fixing a broken link are something your users will appreciate.
  • So, you don’t have to worry about your edits not being obvious. A simple speed boost is already helpful enough!
  • Hence, you always have to find ways to make something new and refreshing. You can write about an old content and giving it a new flare.


Following part 1 and part 2 will give you a rough idea on how SEO should be done. At the end of the day, it is better to keep things simple rather than complicate it. SEO just really requires a lot of your time. You can freely add your own touch just as long as you follow Google. If you forget, you can always brush up on your SEO knowledge by reading the Webmaster Guidelines right here.