How to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

Writer’s block. We have all been there. Sometimes, you can’t just squeeze out any ideas from your head to write on your blog. And that is perfectly normal. There is no need to beat yourself up for it.

The good thing is, there are actually ways that can help you pull some blog post ideas from here and there. In this article, we are here to tell you all about it. Here are some great places to get your blog post inspiration from:

Ask the Community

If you can’t think of any blog post ideas, then how about you let others think for you. Now, this doesn’t mean you will become an idea thief. No. This simply refers to you asking what your target readers want. You are just simply serving them what they ordered.

To do this, you can refer back to your old posts and scan the comments sections. You may even find some hints about topics your readers are interested in.

Aside from your readers, you can also ask your sales team or support team about what your customers and prospects tend to bring up or ask. In short, you can gather ideas by simply asking and interacting with people.

Consult the Internet

Never underestimate the power of the World Wide Web when it comes to being an idea machine. You can go to social media websites or even just search engines. Find out what are the latest trends people are fussing about. Read up on different articles and look at it from a different perspective. Once you have done that, you can create your own commentary or take on the said topic.

Furthermore, topics that make a number of people fascinated will instantly get you, readers, since these topics are what people are currently interested in.

Add Some New Perspectives

If you really can’t find anything good, then spare yourself from looking for new ideas. Instead, go back to your old blog posts and recycle. And no, we are not asking you to copy paste your old file. By recycling, we mean to make something new to them.

You can update your old blog posts by incorporating the latest trends. If you have written a blog that is year specific, then bring that one out and change it to the current year. An example would be “Shows to Watch in 2017” and then turn it to 2018.

Another thing you can do is by writing a sequel. You can follow-up on your old blog posts by updating them and situating them in a more current state. You can also bring in some new perspectives for a wider viewpoint. Or better yet, you can evaluate the changes that happened so far since the creation of the post.

Bring Out the Old Idea Box

This is actually just an additional in case you have one. Some people tend to keep a file or a note where they write ideas that randomly come up. If you have one, then take a look at it. If not, then you better start making one of your own. So when times like this arrive, you can immediately just refer to your list of ideas.

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