Converting Customers to Advocates

Companies all over the worldwide struggle every single day to formulate ways to attract their target market, and eventually, gain the trust of new customers. Mostly, these companies only think about getting new customers. Loyal and existing customers are shoved on the side because these companies are prioritizing new recruits.

The downside, though, is that bringing in new customers cost way more than maintaining the existing clientele. With that being said, companies should focus on maintaining good partnerships.

Brand advocates help you promote your products or service.

Brand advocates help you promote your products or service.

So, who are these so-called advocates?

  • These people are heaven sent because they promote your product for free. Product advocates are not compelled because they are paid or receive rewards. Truthfully, these people do it out of love. They just love the product so much that they want to tell the world about its existence.
  • You shouldn’t undermine their ability to spread the word. The advantage of these advocates is that it’s all natural. They are not trying too hard to put in good word for your brand to their family and friends. These advocates are the people who 100% believe and support your brand!

Why is it great to promote this strategy?

When you think about it, selling your products is not just the responsibility of your employees and your marketing staff. Yes, they help promote and share your products on the different social media platforms. However, your customers are also an important part because once they actually love your products, they will become a volunteer brand ambassador. Unlike the sales and marketing department, they aren’t paid. Yet, these people help you expand your horizons.

  • Credible reviews.

    • Nothing beats authenticity. When online shoppers look for proof, this is where the advocates come in handy. Of course, when potential buyers decide on where to buy, they will choose a product with trustworthy review.
    • When they research, these reviews stand out because they are from the advocates. Their reviews are detailed. There’s an emphasis on why they love it. If you ask Google, brand advocates often share their discoveries 19% more compared to ordinary marketers.
  • More real, less fake.

    • When someone loves something, they will surely talk about it nonstop. Nothing still beats word-of-mouth. When a customer raves about a product especially on social media, you have surely gained one powerful endorser. The best part is that it didn’t even cost you a single dollar! Without a doubt, online shoppers trust word-of-mouth advertisement over a paid advertisement on Facebook.
  • Increase brand awareness.

    • With these multifaceted digital influencers, they can easily reach out to thousands – even millions – of people. These advocates help in spreading about your company, your website, and everything that relates to your brand.
    • More people can now recall your products. Consumers will surely choose your brand over an unheard of competitor because of a video review, or a post on Instagram. It’s all thanks to your brand advocate.
    • At the end of the day, customers will always listen to fellow customers. So, when someone says a product is good, then, it probably is.