Easy SEO Techniques That Promise Great Results (Part 1)

SEO is not an easy task to be honest. There are a lot of factors to consider. Thus, we are constantly looking for efficient techniques that would make the tasks easier, and something that would ultimately allow us to get our money’s worth.

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Of course, we would want to apply the tactics that are worth our time and effort. In this blog post, I shall talk about the different SEO techniques that are easy to do yet generate impressive results.


  1. Shorten Content
  • I’m sure we all want the best content for our website. However, in reality, not everything we publish is of good quality. Initially, we write with the best intentions, but it would end up being a junk content.
  • Do not despair because it really happens to everyone. The only solution to this issue is to trim content. Generally, there’s reluctance in removing any form of content. We all say that these posts are harmless, and it doesn’t pose any danger to the website.
  • However, the truth is that average and shabby content can have negative implications to the website’s ranking and incoming traffic.

It’s important to determine what content to eliminate.

  • The process of elimination may seem trivial, but it is really a crucial process. Once you decide to cut back on the content, the next is to decide on what to retain and what to remove.
  • One of the quickest solutions to this is to get apps such as Screaming Frog to help you identify the list of pages that needs to improvements.
  • Since this is a paid tool, you can do this manually by reviewing all your list of web pages. One by one, you need to go through all the URLs of your website. Be sure to not skip a page, and thoroughly asses what is currently a “forgettable” content.
  • Continue to review every piece of content, and evaluate the pages that generate NO web traffic. Once you delete, set up another high-quality web page. If not, you can also opt to leave it to your 404 error page.

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  1. Upgrade the Loading Speed
  • You will get lesser marketing leads and product sales if your website takes a long time to load. Ensure that the web pages are quick to load and contents appear immediately.
  • Aside from that, slow websites also tend to have low rankings. Thus, it is utmost important to prioritize and speed up the page load process.
  • There are still websites that are painfully slow, but luckily, speed is a feature that’s very easy to tweak. Because once you make the necessary improvements, the effects are immediate and all-encompassing.
  • Some quick tips are posted right here. I wrote a blog post about improving page speed.

Allocate more resources on web hosting.

  • The thing about cheap web host is that your website is along a list of thousand other websites. This is the price you have to pay because there isn’t enough space for each website to breathe.
  • The shared servers do not possess the necessary power, and sadly, first thing that gets affected is the website speed.