Easy SEO Techniques That Promise Great Results (Part 2)

SEO entails long and arduous process. It’s no wonder why people choose to look for easy alternatives. Luckily, there are timesaving methods that people can readily utilize. Link building, for example, are uncomplicated yet produce conclusive results.


Everybody loves winning, and one way to hit the jackpot is to apply efficient techniques that ensure a return of investment. This post will be a continuation of the regarding Easy SEO Techniques. Hopefully, the tips I will share can also deliver the same powerful results to your website.

Enhance the Quality

  • After trimming your overflowing number of articles, next step is to enhance the content basing from the needs of your audience.
  • The good thing is that the content is already there. You don’t need an extensive sweep. All you need to do is improve on the current content instead of starting from absolutely nothing. Here’s what you can do:
  1. edit to enhance readability, to make it far-reaching, and to raise user engagements.
  2. deepen the use of multimedia files such as images, audios videos, and various file formats.
  3. add intensive research, statistical data, and other records.

Here are things to examine when improving content:

Word Count

  • The number of words definitely matter. It’s not a metric that search engines recognize. However, the length is one of the factors the users look into when reading an article.


  • What do top ranking web pages have in common? They all contain important information. The data listed in all-inclusive and complete.
  • This does not mean that the longer it is, the better the content. It’s all about the ability of the published content.
  • It should be helpful to the customers, and something that would aid them in their journey to search for answers. The content should be able to:
    1. clarify and define terms.
    2. answer common questions.
    3. provide a summary of rules.
    4. explain the buying process.
    5. state the tech specs.
    6. present relevant figures and evidences.

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  • How well did you segregate your content? Is it easily readable and scannable by users? Is there a way to measure the readability
    • Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that can give you an idea of your readability score. It indicates whether an article is “Good,” “OK,” or “Needs Improvement.” This is just a free tool you can download anytime.
    • While is a SEMrush paid alternative that tests readability in other platforms. It provides a wider reach. With so many options to choose from, it’s really up to you on what apps and plugins you prefer to use.
  • Just as long as you get to achieve your goal, which is to make your content easy to understand and to read. Then, you are safe. When your published content should have clarity and structure, then, it’s all fine.

Multimedia Files

  • Do you include images in your articles? Videos? Infographic? Audio files?
  • Word aren’t enough. Images and videos can definitely shed some light to confusing topics. User experience greatly improves when there are visual aids that clearly explain how things work.
  • Check if you can further improve existing posts by adding multimedia files.
  • Once you decide to add images, videos, or both, don’t forget to add a watermark so that other people can’t take them without your permission.

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