Gaining Backlinks for Your Local Business

Backlinking is an indispensable ranking signal, be it for global or local SEO. It’s one of the determiners of a website’s trustworthiness based on Google standards. Established backlinks will boost your visibility online, which will also enhance your website’s traffic and sales.

However, backlinking isn’t always easy, especially for small businesses located locally. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible using some basic methods.

Why you should practice backlinking

Regardless if you have a business website or just a personal blog that you want to rank, backlinking is a crucial element. It’s an SEO staple.

In fact, Google rewards websites that have achieved seamless and white hat backlinking from authority sites.

If you want to rank on SERPs, you should focus on backlinking. This is one of the strongest ranking signals, aside from producing high-quality content and other optimization practices.

Make sure that you perform this organically and not through shady methods that other websites use. This way, you can dodge Google sanctions.

How to gain backlinks for your business website

*Give out donations or sponsorships

If it does not impact your income too much, you can grant donations or sponsorships to various organizations. For sure, they will somehow mention your business on their social media sites. There’s also a chance that they will link back to your website when writing a PR blog.

Aside from helping out the organization and securing the backlink, you’re also boosting your business’ online reputation.

*Submit guest posts

For those who have the knack for writing, guest posting will open a lot of opportunities when it comes to backlinking.

You can start by contacting blogs and websites relevant to your business and those who accept guest posts. Some ask for a certain fee while others will agree upon an exchange of material (they publish on your site while you publish in theirs).

*Talk about other businesses in your niche

If you have a dental clinic, for example, you can talk about dermatology clinics or ophthalmology clinics around your area. These businesses belong to the same niche as yours but not as your direct competitor.

After publishing the blog or social media post, make sure that the other business notices what you did. It’s possible that they will thank you and tag you on their post.

*Grant interviews online

Various city directories feature businesses and interview their owners. This is a great chance to bring your small business forward and to achieve an authoritative backlink.

Upon the interview, ask the website representative if they can link back to your site. Most of the time, they will accommodate happily.

Take note that some of these websites will ask for a fee, while others offer it for free.

*Ask the help of influencers

One of the most effective options nowadays is asking local influencers to mention you on their posts. We recommend that you target established bloggers who produce in-depth content. Also, beware of freeloaders that will demand expensive favors just to give your business a shout out.

A simple mention of your small business in an influencer’s post can do wonders. However, make sure that you choose the right person to embody your brand.