Google Launches Carousel for Local Business Reviews

If you have a Google My Business account, then you should know that Google recently launched the carousel format for business reviews. It’s just a small update, but it will surely make a difference for business owners. Take note that the carousel format is reserved only for businesses with high-quality reviews. So if you do not see this format for your reviews section, then it says something about your online reputation.

When did it start?

The carousel format was actually a low-key update. It was first noticed by Aneel Badyal, a digital marketer. Later on, a Google spokesperson confirmed this and has clarified the qualifications of who will enjoy this new format.

Aside from the customer reviews, the carousel format also shows up to the Q&A area as well. However, take note that the Q&A is only available in the English language. But soon enough, Google will make this multi-lingual for accessibility.

Is it a big deal?

For most businesses, yes. The carousel format only shows for businesses with many high-quality reviews. Aside from the new look, it also means that the business has an excellent online reputation.

Aside from that, the reviews in the carousel format are placed right after the business name and before the details of the company. With that, the internet user no longer has to scroll to see the reviews. It’s added visibility to your business, not to mention earning golden points when it comes to reputation.

With this, it’s an added nudge for internet users to consider your business. Besides, it’s an exclusive feature and many of your competitors will surely aim to achieve it.

Will I be affected?

If you own a business, the carousel format will not have a big effect on your listings. It may have some sort of impact on your conversion, but only a slight difference will probably be noticeable.

Review excerpts aren’t new to Google, but with the carousel format, it just got more interesting. It puts the reviews above-fold, which is a big plus if you’re beefing up your business’ profile and GMB account.

How can I get the carousel?

Well, a Google spokesperson said that the only way to gain the carousel format is to have more high-quality reviews. That means more 5-star reviews from your customers.

Encouraging your customers to leave a review is a different story. You can do so through a follow-up email or through the built-in messaging platform in your Google My Business account.

Take note that not all customers will leave a positive review. Some will have complaints, which is normal for all businesses. The best that you can do is to offer a resolution so the customer will edit his or her initial review for a more positive one.


The carousel format for business reviews is yet another improvement for the Knowledge Graph. It may not have a big impact on your business, but it pays to gather more positive reviews. Such high-quality reviews won’t just help you achieve the carousel format; it will also improve your online reputation.