Phoenix Website Design – Google’s John Mueller Shared Tips on How to Enhance Content

On November 26, 2019, John Mueller published a Google Webmaster video on YouTube. He took this chance to share his knowledge in polishing a web page. In order to improve content, here’s what Johns John Mueller said in the latest Google Hangout video.

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Is the moving the elements change the content focus?

One participant commented if moving content within a page helps improve the product pages (PDPs). Here’s the complete question:

“I am looking to improve the visibility of my product pages. Many of our PDPs include a large number of images, which include a large amounts of explanatory texts. My concern is that the associate text might be diluting the identity… Do you think moving the images down and the relevant text up would help Google to better interpret the focus of each of these pages?”

Here’s what John Mueller said:

“So just shifting the location of content within an HTML page… I don’t think that plays a big role at all.

Headings are useful… we can take a heading and see which images (or texts) apply to that heading. But just shifting around things with HTML or with CSS… I don’t think see that playing a big role there at all.”

Having said that, you should use headings correctly.

  • Headings are NOT the place to add keywords. In truth, headings — H1 to H6 — are a way to tell what a particular section is all about. In other words, it should inform the reader about the content overview.
  • It’s a misconception that people still follow. Around 2001, headings are usually where people list all the important keywords. However, this is not effective anymore. Of course, Google has continually improved search through the years. Now, headings are NOT how you tell Google that these are the important keywords!
  • Headings should be able to divide a page well. A page will talk about a certain topic. In one page, usually, there would be one main topic and numerous sub-topics. So, headings help the users to get the information faster. The users won’t have to read the entire page, and they can jump in the right section they want to read. Thus, the headings should be able to describe the section well and tell the users what it is about.

John Mueller reminded everyone on how to properly use headings.

“Headings are useful… we can take a heading and see which images (or texts) apply to that heading.”

  • Clearly, this is John Mueller’s way of saying that there should be relevance. The images and texts you include in a content page should be connected to each other. One should not put a heading just for the sake of having one.
  • The usual mistake is that people put headings and the words aren’t even related to the specific section. That’s why some web pages tend to have lower rankings.
  • Remember, John Mueller said that moving text around won’t help you.

“I don’t see that [moving things around the page with the help of HTML or CSS] playing a big role there at all.

For more information, refer to the full Google Webmaster video.