Helpful Tips if You Decide to Do Guest Blogging (Part 2)

Have you considered guest blogging for other people? What if somebody asked you to blog on their website? What would you share?

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I have previously talked about the same topic on this post. Well, without further ado, here is the second batch of tips in order to succeed in guest blogging.

  • Aim for the best pitch.

    • Your idea must stand out from the rest. An outstanding pitch is a must. Without this, your content will be good as nothing.
    • With this being said, you should avoid these mishaps.

      • You did not mention the host. That’s just so rude! Believe it or not, it happens. Many fail to add relevant information about the host website. And what worse? Getting the name wrong. So, please be sure you included the host and you got the name right.
      • You did not add links to your works. Within your post, also, trey to include your previous blog posts. It’s a way to create awareness about your brand. Not adding links to blogs, products, portfolio just defeats the purpose of your guest post. Insert around 3 links so the host can check your work and see if it fits their website.
      • You are suggested a totally unrelated topic. Know who you are writing for and suggest a relevant topic to write about. Please do not talk about astrological signs when the blog about fashion design. Seriously, those 2 do not have anything in common.
      • You did the read the guidelines. If websites allow guest writers, they probably have a set of rules to follow. Be responsible for searching for the guidelines on the website. It could be on their sidebar or footer. Look for phrases like “blogger guidelines”, a “blog for us” section, or a “contribute” tab. You get the point.
  • Personalize your post.

    • To keep your followers engaged, you need to write something that appeals to them. You have to listen and get to know your audience. Find out more about them and know the things that they are actually looking for.
    • To successfully achieved this step, as a writer, you need to follow these tips:
      • Use a keyword tool. There are lots of tools available online. Some are free, some are not. It really depends on you on what you are going to use. The point here is to use a keyword tool in order to analyze the trends and keywords that generated buzz. (Related post: Free Keyword Tools)
      • Fill the gaps. One way to nail a guest post is through addressing current problems or issues. Browse through the popular blog posts and look at the comments. I’m sure the site’s followers commented on what they would like to read next.
      • Add links. As I’ve said previously, you would do a follow-up post on an already popular post. Make sure to link that post onto your new blog post. The web admins would be delighted to see that the 2 post are now connected. Internal linking helps in SEO ranking.
      • Add other links. If the website you are writing for has other related websites, kindly link up those sister sites too. They would appreciate the shout-out to their other brands or other websites.
    • If you give personalized blog post that uses these guidelines, then, you would probably get a big YES!