Helpful Tips if You Decide to Do Guest Blogging (Part 1)

To increase your network, you need to interact with other experts in the field. You can collaborate and create content that fit for both of your target markets. One way to do that is through guest blogging.

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What do you get from this? When you do a guest blog, you write for another website. This benefits the website, and also your website, too! The website gets new content while you can website traffic from the readers of the said website.

Basically, guest blogging helps in:

  • building relationship with peers,
  • gaining more web traffic,
  • obtaining backlinks for your website,
  • acquiring possible customers,
  • promoting your brand,
  • and creating awareness.

However, since it is an effective strategy for both parties involved, you can’t help but get overwhelmed with the outpouring number of guest blogging ideas. So, I decided to compile a list of practical tips to succeed guest blogging. Read the 5 tips below:

  • Expand your network and build relationships.

    • You just don’t go around telling people, “Hey! I have this great guest blog pitch.” That’s not really the best way to represent your brand. It has to come naturally and relationships grow over time.
    • The more people know you, the more chances they would invite you. A host may need content ideas, and that’s where you come in. You get to support the host website by sharing a different kind of content. 
    • Of course, no one will hire your services if you are stranger to the community. Here’s how to get noticed:
      • Comment on different websites.  Don’t just comment to promote your content. Talk about the post you just read, and share some sensible ideas.
      • Write about your influences and mention them. Brand will appreciate your effort blogging about them.
      • Share their new posts. Give them a boost and they will do the same.
      • Interact with them on social media. Brands and professionals usually are active on Twitter. Since it’s a microblogging site, it’s your chance to have a quick chat.
    • Do these tips and the brands you admire will instantly recognize you. So, there’s no need to be shy. Go out there and interact more. You will never know who’ll stumble upon next!
  • Pick your target websites wisely.

    • Just because guest blogging is a popular strategy, it does not mean everyone is doing it. Some business are not open to the idea of you guest blogging on their website. So, don’t bother insisting. Instead, pick websites that are welcoming the idea.
    • Identify what blogs share the same sentiments as you. It’s nice to write for someone who share the same values.
    • Contact the websites that have same audience. If you are share the same target, their readers might just be interested on your content as well.
    • Look for websites that are interested on what you will be blogging. For example, you are a fan of this computer tutorial blog, and you would like to make a guest post. Since you happen to be a voracious reader as well, maybe you can contribute and talk about “Books That Are a Good Introduction to Coding.”