Helpful WordPress Plugins Aside from Yoast SEO (Part 2)

Undoubtedly, Yoast SEO is the public’s go-to SEO plugins. When you ask a random blogger or an online business owner, they would probably say that they use Yoast SEO or that they have used it in the past.

If you want to achieve online success, you sure have to ask the help of an SEO plugin. Whether you choose a free or paid WordPress plugin, for sure, it will still give you insights than having nothing at all.

WordPress Dashboard reflected on the screen

A list of plugins displayed on the WordPress Dashboard

With that being said, there are a lot of WordPress plugins out there aside from the great Yoast SEO. I’ve discussed a few in part 1, and thus, I will add more to the list right now. Check out the 4 other alternatives to Yoast SEO WordPress plugin!

  1. SEOPressor
  • With more than 23 million sites using SEOPressor, this is surely a tough contender.
  • If you are curious as to why, the reasons are pretty simple:
    • With a simple dashboard layout, it is easy to spot errors and find the appropriate solutions. You can clearly see the SEO data that you want to see, and they are all in one place.
    • SEOPressor supports up to 3 keywords. Yes, you read that right. That’s 3 and not usual 1 keyword per post.
    • Unfortunately, it only has a paid version. That’s the only downside to this: NO free version of SEOPress is available at the moment. With $9 a month, you can avail of its premium features.
  1. The SEO Framework
  • The SEO Framework has a variety of tools you can download aside from its WordPress SEO plugins. For the FREE version, you can download the SEO Framework Extension Manager.
  • The SEO tools include FREE extensions such as AMP, Incognito, Title Fix, and Origin.
    • AMP – This is a plugin made for AMP supported web pages.
    • Incognito – The Incognito extension allows you to be incognito as the name suggests. Furthermore, you won’t see an annoying watermark lurking all over your website. No indication of “The SEO Framework” in any part of your website.
    • Origin – The Origin extension helps users to easily redirects to the main post.
    • Title Fix –  Lastly, the Title Fix ensures that your title is appropriate for your post. If you are doing it wrong, this extension will help you produce page titles and descriptions that will be more relevant and accepted by Google.
  • What makes this different from others? The SEO Framework automates what you would normally do on other plugins. Mostly, the settings are given a default value, and you just gave to adjust the settings if you wish.
  1. Premium SEO Pack
  • Like the previous plugins mentioned, Premium SEO Pack has both a paid and a free version.
  • With some restrictions, its LITE version is free for everyone to download.
  • Still, it offers you page optimization features! To date, thousands of people decided to download the free version.
  • Meanwhile, the regular paid license allows you a “for personal use” terms and services agreement.
  • If you need more info about the different licenses they offer, please check their official website.