How Do You Choose the Right SEO Company for Your Business? (Part 2)

Signing with an SEO company takes some serious thought. You just don’t go ahead and ink the contract. You need to consider the tips in part 1 and the tips mentioned below.

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  1. Don’t just search for the “best SEO company.”

The best is NOT automatically Google’s top 1 result. The true top companies are busy improving websites. They have no time to trick people into their false promises. Instead, they let their work do the talking. So, ask people you know because they might just recommend a company that fits you.

Word of mouth is still instrumental in today’s digital age. It could turn a “nobody” into the biggest name of the industry. The best companies usually acquire new clients from their loyal customers. Trust is important in this business, and to be honest, only companies that need new customers will even bother to go for keywords such as “SEO company in Phoenix,” “Best SEO company,” and so on.

Additionally, you can’t trust the “lists” you see all over the internet. For all you know, these companies could have paid their bloggers or influencers to include their products and services on this so-called list of top SEO companies. The truly great SEO agencies won’t have time to pay digital influencers or any prestigious lists as they are busy improving their craft.

  1. Go for an SEO company that will monitor the metrics that are important for your business.

Previously, I discussed the importance of setting specific goals. This will help you choose the right company in a sense that you will filter the companies that can fulfill these duties. There is no one sure way of telling this is a good performance indicator. At the end of the day, the metrics to monitor would be dependent on the purpose of your website.

Of course, the purpose of a site that has an established group of customers is totally different from a website that is just starting. Thus, these two websites would be monitoring different sets of performance indicators. A good SEO company should be able to distinguish the current needs of the clients. Here’s a list of key performance indicator (or KPI) to monitor:

  • Conversion rate: Do your web visitors become your customers? Are they just mere visitors? What can you do to make them convert?
  • Keyword rankings:Which keywords do you monitor and did the rankings improve ever since you hired an SEO agency?
  • Google bots: Google lets the bots do the scanning. If Google can’t read and scan the contents of website, it cannot determine if it produces useful information or not.
  • Page load time: People prefer fast loading websites. If it takes forever to load, people will automatically leave. No one ever has the patience to wait for more than 5 seconds.
  1. Select an SEO company that is able to communicate well.

Of course, these SEO terms can be overwhelming. The KPIs mentioned above can be a bit hard to digest for the general public. No matter how advanced the tools are, if you don’t know what it means, these numbers are still useless.

Whether you website uses a paid service like SEMRush or a free tool like Google Analytics, your SEO company should be able to explain every bit of information reflected on these tools you used. As a business owner, you won’t have the luxury to study all the data present. Thus, it is important to hire a team of SEO professionals that are able to communicate efficiently.

Yes, SEO is important, but choosing the right SEO company is more important.

SEO is not just a “one day” or “two weeks” task. The working relationship could go on for years. Like I said in part 1, this is not a magic potion. Changes in the website won’t happen immediately. Seeing the effects of the optimization could take years. That’s why, you need to find a group of SEO professionals that you can trust and that can truthfully reveal whatever the results are.