SEO Tips That Are Useful to Any Digital Business (Part 1)

In this digital age, people turn to the internet for any of their needs. Once you want to start any business, you should keep this fact in mind. No matter what we want or do, we always seek the help of search engines.

Undoubtedly, the best way to build an influx of natural and organic traffic is to create a website that considers the factors of top search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Of course, don’t forget to take into consideration your web visitors.

performance indicators reflected on a laptop computer

The stats of a particular website.

What are the effective methods of luring people in without spending a dime on promotion? Well, you gotta apply some SEO tips. For businesses that are just new, SEO can be extremely helpful since it is free and everyone can apply it on their respective sites. So, here are some useful tips especially if your business is still starting to grow.

  1. Key Performance Indicators.

SEO is a broad term, and you can’t just decide to cover all the bases. It is a step by step process. Since you are still starting your journey, choose to monitor the performance indicators that are important as of the moment.

Monitor the changes in page views, time spent on your site, and so on. Do these web visitor leave immediately? What could affect these factors? Tweaking the content and adding actionable buttons & links that could redirect them to other relevant pages could help.

Whatever you decide to change and edit, it is crucial to monitor these changes if they bring in positive results or not. You could hire an SEO company, but if you are still testing things on your own, remember this: decide on what performance metric to monitor.

Do you want to focus email newsletters, member sign-up, online purchases, returning visitors, focus keywords, or website rankings? These things have their own specific indicator. Typically, you start off by using SEO tools. There are keyword tools you can use for FREE, SEO plugins, and other add-ons.

Most importantly, take your time. SEO does not happen in a snap. Little by little, carefully implement changes. You would not know what works and what does not if you decide to monitor everything at once.

  1. Website structure.

Aside from monitoring performance indicators, you also need a proper order. You don’t just put everything on your website without thinking of the hierarchy.

The SEO implementations will be useless if the website itself is not structured the correct way. Remember, the structure and order are NOT just for people browsing your website. It is also for the web crawlers released by search engines. These crawlers will search and scan websites from all over the internet, and they will be able signal the search engines, “Hey! This is useful. You should bump this page up the ranks!”

So, how do you create hierarchy within your website? Easy!

  • There should be web pages that have relevant content.
  • Each page should belong to a category. Is it about products, articles, tutorials?
  • Related content should be linked together. There should be an internal linking system that connects all the related tutorials for example.
  • Lastly, each page should have the proper heading to indicate the specific section. Is this the intro part? Is this the explanation? There should be a heading to indicate what it is about.