How Negative Reviews Can Actually Help Your Business (Part 2)

On my previous blog post, I talked about how negative reviews can actually help your business.

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One negative review won’t do harm your business. It’s not the end for you! As a matter of fact, unfavorable reviews can further boost your search engine dominance. Let me count the ways.

Negative Reviews Paints a More Authentic Blueprint of Your Business.

  • Yotpo analyzed over 1.3 million product reviews… and what did they find out? On average, a website only gets a 4.3 star rating. Anything larger than that gives a shady impression.
  • What does this imply? Disappointments are part of life. There will be no perfect rating. Sooner or later, a customer that will complain the product did not meet their expectation. They will say a product is “bad.”
  • The truth is that the product is just different from what they expected. It’s not totally bad. Now, this will help you in making product descriptions better. Also, tips are posted here if you need help in writing product descriptions.
  • You can make it apparent for your customers and clearly establish what your product is and what your product is not. Because of a negative review, your other customers can decide if a product is for them or not.
  • Future customers will have an idea what the product features are so that they won’t set very unrealistic expectations of the product. Thus, it will lessen the number of disgruntled customers.
  • Making negative reviews visible help in creating a fair and unbiased look. It reassures all your customers that you are not hiding anything. In the end, negative reviews play a role in building increasing the reliability and loyalty.

Negative Reviews Can Help You Think of Better SEO Strategies.

  • A product may have flaws that were unnoticed. A negative review can help you see these things. Then, you can formulate new ways to tackle the issue, and focus on a problem that needs urgent attention.
  • When reading all the negative reviews, ask these questions.
    1. What do your customers want?
    2. Did you match their expectation?
    3. What were the things you were not able to fulfill?
    4. Do your customers have other questions?
    5. Were they looking for something else?
    6. What did they search on your website?

You can address these questions on another post. Create an FAQ section if you think there are customer questions that tend to be redundant. For example, you could post about the estimated delivery times of the products, or you could provide a way for your customers to get immediate response if they encounter problems. An unfavorable review will ultimately help you know your customers better, and find new ways of satisfying their needs.

Welcome the Negative Reviews!

Do not despair when you get bad reviews because there’s good in the bad. It can help you create a more realistic portrait of your business. A negative review won’t define you. You can use this to prove that your business is responsive and trustworthy despite the mishaps. So, the next time you encounter a negative review, do not fret. The positive will always outshine the negative.