Tips in Choosing the Right Image for Your Blog Post

Choosing the right image for your blog post is important. It’s not about the number of images attached to an article. However, adding more visuals wouldn’t hurt you.

choosing the right image in a selection of postcards

choosing between postcards.

Images offer from the monotonous texts, and it can summarize the major points of your post. How would you know that you picked the right image? What should you include in your lengthy post?

How Many Should I Add?

  • There is NO definite number. Adding 8 images won’t guarantee page views. So are 13, 6, 25!
  • You should not add images for the sake of adding stunning visuals. Look at the quality and the quantity. The number of images needed is dependent on the 3 factors:
    1. The type of blog post.
    2. Your readers.
    3. Your chosen topic.
  • For example, you are writing a tutorial for newbie users. Most likely, you would need more images and screenshots to provide a clearer instruction on what to click and where to go.
  • So, consider who you are writing for. If you are catering to people in your field, then, they are already familiar with the process. Adding an in-depth instruction won’t be necessary.
  • What do you want to achieve with your post? Will they what you are trying to point out? Is the post something your readers would find interesting?

How to Choose?

  • Now that we have established the number of images, let’s go to the tips in choosing the right one. These are reliable methods in choosing the appropriate photo for your next blog post.
  1. Say NO to stock photos.
    • Don’t get me wrong. Stock photos are great, but those are only impressive as hero images, featured images, 404 banners, and so on.
    • They are not ideal in blog post especially in the body of your well-researched article. It holds no value because it seems too common and ordinary.
  1. Say YES to screenshots and tutorials.
    • Instead of adding the usual photos, why don’t you include screenshots and tutorial guides? It will definitely offer more help than your average photo.
    • Sometimes, the best way to explain things is to SHOW them. Telling is not as effective as showing. You can tell your audience do this and click that. How will they know where to go and what to click?
    • These screenshots would be their visual guide in getting things right. Your readers will be engaged with your post because they clearly understand it.
    • So, the next you decide to write about a complex topic, kindly add some screenshots and visual guides. Your readers won’t get lost on what you are trying to explain.
    • Not to mention, it saves you time and it decreases the chances of your written content to get misinterpreted or misunderstood.
  1. Add GIFs!
    • Take a break from your usual routine. If you have a light topic, then, don’t forget to add some GIFs.  They can be funny memes or short clips of movies. It totally adds color to a boring content.
    • GIFs should NOT be for everyday use. Reserve it for days that you would want to post something informal, funny, and clever.