How small businesses are found on Google

When a local business first starts doing digital marketing, it can all get a bit confusing. Where can they actually be found? What area is it best to focus on? There are actually four areas where local businesses can appear in Google and we go into detail about them below.

Local Service Ads

This is a recent Google development and the first spot that local businesses can be found on Google. These are localized ads that promote particular services, especially ones like plumbers and builders.

Unlike traditional Google advertising, this section is lead gen, not pay per click. That means that if you advertise here you won’t get charged every time some clicks on your ad. You only get charged if the searcher fills out a questionnaire and Google decides whether or not you can provide that service. You’ll get charged whether you close the deal or not. That part is up to you.

If you want to use this service, you’ll need to sign up through your Google My Business account. This will include background checks as every business will need to pass the Google Guarantee, which covers any damages that clients might claim.


Normal Google Ads

These are the ads that have been on Google for as long as most people can remember. These are pay per click, which means that you will get charged every time someone clicks on your ad. They also aren’t localized. Theoretically, you could advertise to someone on the other side of the country if you aren’t careful with your targeting. To run these ads you’ll need to target certain keywords, locations and possible demographics. You’ll also need to set up a budget so Google can work out how many times to show your ad and who to.


The Local Pack

This is the first free, organic section that small businesses can appear in. This section shows the Google My Business profile of at least three local businesses related to the search. How well you rank will depend on several factors including your business’ location, your GMB profile, your reviews and your general online presence. Small businesses can optimize their presence and their profiles to try and rank higher and many agencies will provide this as a service.


Organic results

The final place that local businesses can appear is in the organic search results. Again, this is a free section and businesses can optimize their website and web presence to increase their chances of getting listed here. This is the main focus of SEO and many agencies near you will provide this service. A place in the organic rankings can never be guaranteed, however, regardless of how much money you throw at it.

If you need help getting your business listed in any of these four sections, give our team a call today.