How to Assess Your SEO Strategy (Part 1)

Your SEO knowledge from the past will not help you todayOnline Marketing Strategies.

  • That’s because Google and the other search engines are always doing their alterations to their ranking algorithms to improve the kind of results they give to their users. The aim of SEO is to be number one, which means, despite the traffic, you are on the first page.
  • But even if you reached the top for months or even years, you still need to improve your SEO approach and that shouldn’t stop with your initial success. The first step is to know what area you should improve on. To do this, take a look at your recent status.

Assessing Your SEO Scheme

  • Begin with your link audit

    • Ask yourself, where did the links in your site come from? Are they excellent? If they aren’t, are they hurting your site’s ranking?
    • You can use Google to learn how to disavow links so they can’t be counted against you.
    • Take a Look at Your Technical Side

    • Do this after you are done with the link audit.
      • Are the search engines able to crawl your website?
      • Does it load very fast?
      • Is the content in proper order?
      • Are you ready for the mobile platform? If you aren’t, it is going to cause your ranking.
      • Does Google Search Console show you crawl errors?
      • Do you have on all your pages meta descriptions and title tags?
      • Are the images fitting alt tags?
  • Get into the Deep Part of social Media Strategies and Content

  • Overhauling your content strategy is better than adding new content which of course is very helpful too, but dealing with the content that is already there will prove to be essential and easier.
    • But make sure of the following guidelines:
      • Check all the grammar and the spelling.
      • Find out if it gives value to your target audience and if not, then put more value to it.
      • Check if the content is tactically divided and has the right internal linking.
    • Next step is to take a look at your social media strategy and how can it be incorporated in your general approach.
    • This is important because your social media activities should work hand-in-hand to create trust, authority, more website traffic, and more importantly, acknowledgement of your brand.
  • Be Sure that You Can Answer All the Questions

    • If you want to know if your strategy is working, be sure you can answer all the questions below:
      • How substantial is the traffic that comes from referrals?
      • How substantial is the traffic that comes from organic search?
      • How much of the rankings transform over the years?
      • Do you have pages that do not get traffic?
      • What is your best presented content? And the least?
      • How many users has converted?
      • How many new links have you earned since the last auditing?
      • Since your launching, how has it been with regards to your site’s growth?


basically, these questions will help you in enhancing in the areas where it is necessary. I will discuss more assessing and improving your SEO strategy next time around! Update: I posted part 2 right here!