How to Assess Your SEO Strategy (Part 2)

So, I’m back for part 2 on tips on how to assess and enhance your SEO strategy. For this post, I will specifically discuss the importance of better content, user engagement, eye catching headlines, and more. Read more about it below:

Boosting Your SEO Strategy

  • Target for Finer Standard in Your Content

  • The 500-word blog post with quality has long been gone. Today, the longer your content, the more immerse you can dwell on your topic to give your audience more in terms of value. If you want Google to love you, provide the searchers with what they are searching for.
  • Study shows that long-form kind of content does rank higher on Google, and the average word count of a top search results is 1,890 words.
  • The more you give connected keywords, by way of keyword and topic modeling, ensures you that you are not doing keyword stuffing. And your chances of boosting your ranking are great by using the core keywords.
    • Besides creating a longer content, you can still enhance the general quality of your content by suggesting different types of content that includes:
      • Quizzes.
      • Infographics.
      • Polls.
      • Assessments.
      • Surveys.
      • Videos.
  • These connection essentials can assist to keep people reading and staying longer on your page. It plays a great part in your ranking. Your content team will likewise be interested.

Amazon SEO strategies on Paper

Formulate an idea for Link Building Efforts

  • To make link building lighter, make solid content your very foundation in your strategy. You need high-quality links from the different domains. You would likewise want links to deeper pages on your website and not solely your homepage.
  • Next step should be, to do a spreadsheet to trail your progress in your link building.

Enhance Titles to Develop Click-Through Rate

  • People get their first reaction through the headline of your content as it does play a crucial role when they click or even if they don’t. That is the reason why spending time to come-up with a gripping headline is very important.
  • You can use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer to help you. It is free and could very well do the job of grading your headline built on certain elements like how many words it has, type of headline, and type of words that were utilized. It suggests to you ways to develop it like deleting or adding words.

Motivate Engagement

  • To improve your rankings ask for a call to actions from your readers like interacting or commenting on what you have posted.
  • Gary Illyes of Google, a webmaster trends analyst, said that nurturing community can assist improve your rankings because people are not just reading, they also took the time to interact with it. This means, people stays longer in your site because they have found what they have been searching for.
  • Another important thing is beside call to action, ask open-ended question so you can start a conversation with people.

The bottom line is daily analysis of your SEO strategy. That will assist to make things new, and keep on looking for algorithm updates to prepare you to what is to come. Catch up on part 1 by clicking this link.