How to Optimize SEO During the Holidays? (Part 1)

The holiday season means sale, discounts, and other freebies. This is when most people consistently use search engines to find right gifts, right clothes, perfect menus, awesome idea for holiday parties, and a whole lot more.

This is also the time of the year when you have to make your presence felt to your client and would be clients. So, optimize your site and use keywords that will get the people’s attention.

person showing brown gift box

The question is, do you know how to do it? Read on and see if you have a great holiday SEO and marketing approach that will gain more web traffic and sales.


Businesses earn up to 50% of their yearly income during the holiday season. That is the reason why a good planning for the upcoming holiday season is important. The first thing to do is to start an audit. You need to analyze and pinpoint the prospects to build content, or revise the content, that you already have. This process should be done months before the actual event.

How can you rank for Christmas gifts when you did not prepare for a Christmas content? Perhaps, you should have considered a landing page that has Christmas gifts in it or create new content that has to do with Christmas gift intent. So, how do you expect to rank with regards to Christmas gifts when your website offers no relevant keywords?

Creating a calendar having various content ideas that can fulfill numerous intents is one way. Another is to have an FAQ page; it’s a great strategy to answer certain questions early on. For sure, a lot of people are scouting for gift ideas. When you publish content months prior, you get their attention and their money first.

Before zeroing on any pages or products, first try to study your past performances during the holiday season.

Find out:

  • What are the products that had the most response?
  • How did people learned the landing pages of your website?
  • What are the kind of search queries that prompted the traffic to the landing pages?
  • How did this affected your website sales?

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  1. To boost your sales and get more traffic, you need to experiment on paid and organic ads. This is to ensure that your website will surely govern the result pages of the search engines. This will make your brand visible to your customers.
  2. You must include social listening, too. This will give you an idea on what’s popular and what’s making move. Keep up with the latest trends. It can definitely give your brand an advantage.
  3. Don’t leave out Pinterest. Build your own holiday boards that will show your top products for the holiday season, and then, add it to specific web pages.
  4. Another smart move is using your past content because all you have to do is to make it current and include your latest products. Use the list of your past clients, or those who are on your email list, and give these people a heads up. Use this time to reconnect with them, and show them your products way ahead of the holiday season so they have enough time to prepare.