Important SEO Web Browsers & Add-ons (Part 1)

The internet is not only full of keywords tools and other metric tools, but there are also helpful tools in the form of web browser extensions.

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Why do I emphasize these add-ons? It’s because everyone uses web browsers. It’s impossible not to. Thus, having tools that can be added on browsers are really handy and advantageous for us all. Here are list of browser extensions and how it can help us in terms of SEO:

  • Ghost Browser
    • The Ghost Browser is not a browser extension per se, but this is a Chrome-based browser. This means that whatever you have on Chrome – bookmarks and web browser extensions – is compatible to this productivity tool.
    • Why do you need this? It’s because handling multiple social media accounts can be a bit overwhelming. With Ghost Browser, you don’t need to constantly switch browsers. You can login to different accounts in one browser.
    • For example, you all have to maintain the social media accounts of 3 businesses. You don’t need to open multiple browsers to open their respective accounts. You can do it all in just one browser. Open up 3 different Twitter accounts, and you won’t have a problem with Ghost Browser.
    • In less than 2 minutes, you can import your settings Chrome and install Ghost Browser. The free account allows you a maximum of 3 sessions, and 3 workspaces. If you wish to have features like incognito mode, then, you can opt to upgrade.
  • Ghost Proxy Control
    • Along with the Ghost Browser, there’s also a handy browser extension. The Ghost Proxy Control enables to have a unique proxy on each tab, session, and workplace. Like I said, earlier this will help you to open multiple accounts in one 1 browser. No need to shift from one browser to another in order to switch to another account.
    • Just like the browser, Ghost Proxy Control has a free version, and it has a paid version. Know more about the details on how to obtain a full free trial version of Ghost Proxy Control here.
    • Both support Windows and Mac OS. Take advantage of the free version because it will still allow you of having 3 independent sessions or tabs. Juggling with different business accounts won’t be much of a hassle now.
  • Chrome DevTools
    • This is an add-on for Google Chrome. Chrome DevTools is an assortment of tools added to Google Chrome and all Chrome-based browsers. This allows you to edit web pages and investigate website errors instantly.
    • You can test your website, and at the same time, you can analyze browsing problem without having to move to another tool. The Chrome DevTools can access through the hamburger menu on the upper right corner. Then, select more tools. After, choose developer tools. The keyboard shortcut is pressing Ctrl + Shift + I.
    • Once you are in the DevTools interface, you can easily search for a line of code and investigate certain errors. Troubleshooting is made easy because one you click a specific web element, the code will be highlighted.
    • You can even edit the source code right there, and see the changes in real-time. You can immediately see the effects on your live site. Yes, this tool is not the topnotch option. However, like I said earlier, it’s convenient because when you are testing a website, it’s easy to tweak and see the actual results.
    • I suggest you explore the Chrome DevTools to unleash its full potential, and you can start by reading their DevTools for Beginners section.