Noteworthy SEO Web Browsers & Add-ons (Part 2)

I’m back with another list of web browser extensions. The last time, I only got to discuss a few. So, this time around, I am compelled to discuss other helpful tools. Are you ready? Let’s start with a new set of list.

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  • SEO Quake

    • Among the entire lists I saw and read, SEO Quake has to be the one staple add-on.  So, I went ahead and researched about its feature. It’s a free Chrome extension, but it also supports other platforms such Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
    • How does it help in terms of SEO? For starters, it analyzes websites, and it can also run an SEO audit. The extension can check for on-page SEO factors like URL, title, and meta description.
    • Other features include link tools, compare URL tools, and keyword density tools. Let’s start with the link tools as it can make a detailed report of a website’s internal and external links. If links are redundant, you will get a warning. You will also know the number of external links.
    • You can customize the data and add parameters if you want. You can even export your report into a .CSV file. Next is the compare URL This is really useful when you are trying to compare different websites. You will the Google index, Bing index, and Alex rank of every website listed. So, in terms of ranking, you would know where you stand against your direct competitors.
    • Lastly, the keyword density tool allows you to see the most used keywords in your website. You will know how many times each keyword is repeated. It even groups the keywords in 2-word phrases, 3-word phrases, and so on.
    • SEOQuake is not here to replace paid apps and tools. However, it gives a pretty good head start. Considfering it is a free tool, SEOQuake can still give a rundown of the essentials such as indexes, backlinks, tags, keywords, and many others. If you want to install it on Chrome, follow this link.
  • MozBar

    • Moz is known to produce premium SEO products. Not all of their products and services are paid. As a matter of fact, if you browse their website, there’s a “Free SEO Tools” section. One of the free tools listed is the MozBar.
    • The MozBar analyzes on-page SEO metrics with MozBar. It’s a little yet powerful tool in examining essential SEO factors without having to install or pay for it. Of course, you get more when you upgrade to premium, but the basic version still will help you in terms of research and analysis.
    • So, if you want to view a web page’s metric, you can instantly do it with MozBar. You can do intensive research basing from your location and compare it to your website’s metrics. Lastly, you can make a report and export your data into a .CSV file. Want to install it? Add it to your Chrome Browser now.
  • Tag Assistant

    • It’s a helpful tool that checks if you have added Google tags on your web pages. You just need to go to any web page and Tag Assistant will let you know the existing tags that are present, and give suggestions if needed.
    • If you use Google Tag Manager, Tag Assistant is the perfect partner. When you site has duplicate tags, the web browser extension will give you a heads up. not configured properly. Ultimately, Tag Assistant is a useful tool that aids in repair and troubleshooting. Tag Assistant is on the Chrome Web Store.