How to Improve Your Website’s UX Today

Websites make information accessible, which is why it’s ideal for businesses. However, making a website isn’t adequate because offering an excellent User Experience (UX) is more significant. Your visitors should be given a remarkable UX in order to upgrade their overall browsing experience.


Here are some effective tips on how to improve your website’s UX.


Utilize White Space

Contrary to popular belief that white space is just wasted real estate, it’s actually important to a great web design. White space makes your content stand out and give more focus to the elements close to the text. It also makes your website look trendy, fresh, and open.


Keep in mind though that white text consumes up space and having too much of it might take over some important information. The solution is balance. Determine the most important parts at the top of your web page and emphasized them with some space.


Make It Mobile-Friendly

Mobile devices are starting to drive large traffic to many websites, which is why it’s important that your website responds well to these gadgets. Go mobile-friendly to make your website visible and accessible to any device. Remember not to compromise a UX design with quality.


Keep It Simple

It has been discovered that online users have an attention span of only 8 seconds. That’s why you need to grab the attention of your users as quickly as you can. Get rid of unnecessary information and only include the most significant information about your business.


The best way to organize your homepage is to add anchor links so your users don’t need to scroll the whole page. With anchor links, users will be direct to specific points of the page.


Make Calls-To-Action Eye Catching

Distinct calls-to-actions (CTAs) allow users to navigate the site more easily. Consider the color of the buttons because different colors stimulate different emotions and attitudes. The best colors for CTAs are red, green, orange, and yellow.


Don’t neglect the actual words you’ll use for the CTA buttons. The words should be actionable, time-sensitive, and bold. For example, “Call Today”.


Use High-Resolution Image

There’s nothing more discouraging than seeing a blurry picture of a product. An image helps communicate a message to your customers that’s why you should choose the best quality. If you can use real pictures, then go ahead because they’re more effective than stock images.


Use Bullets

Bullets can help improve the readability of your web page. It allows users to quickly read the information about your product or service. This will help create an attractive proposition.


When making the bullet points, go creative as possible. Use images to make your point more understandable and appealing. With the isolation of the points, your users will understand your proposition more clearly.


Prevent 404 Errors

Next to a slow-loading page, 404 errors are another frustrating encounters of users. This error totally destroys the journey of users to the website. To catch any 404s, use Google Webmaster tools.