Phoenix Website Design – Link Building Opportunities That People Often Overlook (Part 2)

On Link Building Opportunities That People Often Overlook (Part 1), I started talking about the chances that huge brands miss. Link building opportunities are everywhere, and it’s not just an online strategy for your website.

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Below, I have listed the link building opportunities that often huge brands often overlook.

  1. Try to partner up with other brands.

Have you try your hand at co-marketing? If not, then, you better explore the opportunities given by co-marketing with other brands?

Generally, huge brands open their doors to collaborate with other business in the industry. Co-marketing plans prosper when the organizations involved have a symbiotic relationship. When combined, the products are complement each other, and can provide an elevated experience for the public.

When you start a co-marketing relationship, both of you can…

  • Start a webinar,
  • Write a guest blog,
  • Provide eBooks to download,
  • Vlog and podcast together,
  • And various forms of multimedia content.

Both brands are mentioned on the agreed collaboration, and both parties provide the links to each other’s the websites and other online channels.

Product Partnerships

For some, they take co-marketing to the next level through product partnerships. With the help of technology, together they create a new product that benefit both their target customers. Two companies will collaborate in order to provide better solutions.

For a more effective promotion, there should be awareness to the co-marketing plans. Seek to broadcast the collaboration to the different social media channels in order to generate clamor and hype. You can even provide teasers and snippets of the new product directly on each other’s website.

  1. New products to help bridge the gap.

New products should provide solutions to the audience. For instance, office software can help the corporate sector, automated databases help sort out things for the marketing and sales team, and new technological integrations can provide better healthcare for everyone.

Of course, every partnership varies. Some may cost more than others in order to materialize. Thus, some products will require a monthly fee. Nevertheless, when you create a new product or even a mobile app, you can get reviews from your customers. This can help you build links and gain referrals from your loyal customers. So, never underestimate these app stores for they can help you acquire links. More on: How Negative Reviews Can Actually Help Your Business

  1. Track the mentions and link you get.

What do you use to track brand mentions? Previously, I talked about 2 Backlink Tools You Can Use to Check Link Quality.

Look for any company news before you launch your products. If you find bloggers  and influencers, reach out to them and check if they are interested in sharing the good news on their websites. Thank these sites for helping you out, and be sure to whitelist them list of trusted allies. Remember, not all links and mentions are good for your website. More on: What are the Backlinks That Are Harmful to Your Website?


Wrapping up

The truth is that huge brands do not need to work hard in order to gain following. On the other hand, new businesses need to work double time to gain connections and links. To effectively generate strong links, make sure that you have carefully strategized your SEO, and that it is integrated in all your marketing and social media channels.