Phoenix Website Design – Link Building Opportunities That People Often Overlook (Part 1)

For most brands, they fail to cease the link building opportunities that come their way. Since they are already popular names, these brands never use all the social channels and strong connections through their close network. Thus, wasting away valuable chances to connect and build links for their website.

Link building is not an add-on. Instead, it should be embedded in your system. It should be well thought of once you start to strategize your marketing plans. In order to create and build effective links, you should be:

  1. Auditing your marketing campaigns. (Yes, all!)
  2. Formulating a detailed marketing campaign. There should be a calendar to organize the expected developments in the days to come.
  3. Asking your team. This ain’t a one-man team. So, talk to your marketing and sales people, and discuss the department’s goals and aspirations.

When you follow these 3 steps, you get to understand the process. Indeed, link building is not something that comes after. You need to talk through your team in order to identify key people, important processes, and to know the opportunities to cease.

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Of course, household names have a different playing field compared to new businesses. The huge business don’t care about “little” opportunities, but they are after the volume. They are more interested in passively growing the brand. Hence, they miss out on a lot of things!

  1. Focus on offline opportunities.

Link building is not only an online activity; it starts when you interact with people. For sure, there are trade shows, seminars, conferences, and festivals in the industry. Your company should be attending these events in order to develop brand recognition.

These offline events will tend to yield an online presence. Remember, there are notable speakers and sponsors that will actively participate. You can start by:

  • Listing the brands participating these events.
  • Knowing the events that you company is managing or sponsoring. These could be specific opportunities to highlight your particular interests.

For instance, in one trade show, your company has an assigned booth so you better maximize this opportunity. Give people an idea what your company is about and where they can find you both offline and online.

  1. Maximize your team’s skills.

With product launches, huge brands tend to forget little details such as packaging options, advertising and promotional campaigns. SInce you are with a close-knit team, use this chance to collaborate with your marketing and PR team. Use social media to your leverage. More on: Using Social Media to Brand Awareness

On the advertising portion, you can include digital influencers. You can reach to people that have a strong following online and see if they are willing to help you share the news about your latest products. They can share to their thousands of followers the link to your new product.

After all is set, make sure that all the links are correct and accessible. To be sure, establish your own unique 404 page to help redirect users in case they get lost along the way. Truly, social media has many uses, but remember, the 4 Things You Should NOT Do on Social Media.


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