Phoenix Website Design – Meta Descriptions Are the Biggest Influence on Click-Through Rates According to a Study

Meta descriptions are not just a mere on-page SEO element. In fact, it has the most influence out of them all. Next is on the list is another on-page SEO element, which is the page title. Finally, the brand name completes the top 3 list. We all know this now thanks to Ignite Visibility’s latest study.

Overview on the study: The research had over 500 participants aged 25-60, and the purpose was to identify how these users decide on what to click.

The result? This is what Ignite Visibility found out…

62.9% respondents agreed that meta description has the most influence on their decision on what to click. However, two-thirds of the users were wary that Google seems to be putting more ads to the search results, making them less likely to use Google.

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Meta Description wins!

As indicated on the results above, meta descriptions have the MOST influence on click-through rates. Without a doubt, 62.9% of respondents said that it was because of the meta description. When the participants were asked factors, 24.2% mentioned the brand name, and 13% responded with the page title. However, the brand name has its own disadvantages. 55.1% of people surveyed revealed that they will click on brands they know. So, if they don’t recognize your brand, they would less likely to click those search results.

Search Results Showed Significant Improvements.

Almost 59% of the respondents, 58.5% to be exact, noticed that they like Google’s present search results. This study was conducted on December 2019, and they preferred these search results more than those results on January 2019. Moreover, around 55.5% were also satisfied with the additional Google features such as the featured snippets.

More Ads Appearing on the Search Results

Is this really good for the search engines? Honestly, 66.7% admitted that because Google is adding more ads, it makes them want to use the search engine less. This means that they don’t automatically trust the ads that are appearing in the search results.

This is quite ironic since just on December 2018, when survey respondents mentioned that ads help users find more information. Obviously, now, tables have turned and users would want less of these ads. Hence, most of the users will only click results if they know the brand.

Why should you care?

Lastly, you have to learn from this because brand recall comes after meta descriptions. Your brand name will be the next factor on which users will base their decisions. If you want your click-through rates, then, you have to work on your increasing brand awareness and improve on your on-page SEO efforts.

Review on how to make your meta descriptions better. Ensure that your meta descriptions coincide with the users’ intent.  If users mention their preference, then, you have to follow what your audience prefers. Follow more of what they want and less of paid ads. Here are some related articles that may help you: