Phoenix Website Design – Need New Content for Your Website? These FREE Tools Will Help!

On the previous post, I gave you paid tools to help you acquire content suggestions. For this post, I will focus on the FREE tools that are available online. Let’s face it; frequently publishing articles can be difficult for any writer. Often times, finding new topics can be problematic. However, it is imperative to come up with more current and distinct content ideas that are going to lure people in your website.

person brainstorming for ideas beside a laptop

What Are the FREE Tools to Give You New Ideas?

Below, I will show you 3 different that will aid you in generating new content. Most importantly, these tools are free to use. Crafting new ideas won’t be as tedious and laborious as before.

  1. FAQ Fox

  • This tool will generate questions regarding the keyword you typed in. For instance, you type in “books” and below it you added specific website to scan. Yes, you can indicate multiple sites.
  • Once you start searching, FAQ Fox will do its magic and search according to the parameters you set. The great thing about FAQ Fox is that you can also select specific categories. Thus, if you want to aim your attention at “arts,” then you free to do so.
  • With FAQ Fox, you can easily know the questions – what, when, where, how, and why – people are asking on the internet. It will search the page titles and meta descriptions that match your keyword.
  • Basically, it helps you know the following:
    • What searchers are looking for,
    • The language the searchers are using,
    • Answers to the questions they searched online,
    • And the questions that still needs answers.

PRO TIP: use this to scan your rival sites to see what questions they are addressing on their respective websites.

  1. Quora

  • I know what you are thinking… Quora is NOT a tool! Hear me out here: it doesn’t take away the fact that Quora is still a great place to know what people are searching for online. Specifically, you will know the questions that are begging for answers.
  • The website will let you know the popular questions about a certain topic. Plus, you can search the site by topic. So, you will have an idea on what to post about on your next blog post.
  • When you post on websites like Quora, you get to widen your reach and develop awareness around your brand. Hence, your website will gain new followers and readers.

PRO TIP: this is now your chance to answer the questions that are on Quora. Moreover, once posted about it, you can post your reply on Quora and add a link to your blog post.

  1. Google Search Console

  • Lastly, you have Google Search Console. With this, you will know what blog posts on your website gain the most clicks, impressions, and shares.
  • You will also what are not performing well. It’s either you edit existing articles or you come up with better articles for your readers. Read: 10 Content Ideas For Your Website

PRO TIP: once you know the posts that are gain more engagements, then work around those keywords, and write about related topics.