Phoenix Website Design – How to Stay on Google’s Good Side? (Part 3)

Making Google happy is everyone’s goal. After all, the tech giant is the world’s leading search engine. If Google is happy, then that would more traffic for your website and better rankings as well.

How we do satisfy Google though? We all have to play by the rules. I already discussed a lot on How to Stay on Google’s Good Side? (Part 1) and How to Stay on Google’s Good Side? (Part 2).

Google search displayed on a MacBook Air

Below, I will share the last 3 important practices that will make your website stand out in the eyes of Google.

1.       Keep updating your website.
  • You know what Google loves? New content. From time to time, update your website so that Google will have a reason to admire your website.
  • Timeliness and freshness are something that Google values a lot.  As for the frequency of the updates, it totally depends on your website. Of course, if it is a news website, you need to have updates every minute.
2.       Avoid shady link building tactics.
  • If you want to do something that’s outside your website, that would be links. Reach out to other websites so you can do a guest post and share what you know. Also, guest posting is an opportunity to create brand awareness and promote your website.
  • However, there tips and tricks lurking all over the internet. These things do not necessarily bring good to your website. Read more on 3 Linking Strategies that You Should Not Believe (Part 1) and 3 Linking Strategies that You Should Not Believe (Part 2).
  • Remember, links have to be natural. It’s not something you force. Google will know if a link seems unnatural. That would mean penalty for you. If you notice that there are some links that have NO value, do not hesitate to delete them. Here’s a tutorial that can help you: How to Request the Removal of Bad Links?
  • At the end of the day, prioritize quality over quantity. It’s never about the thousand of links mentioning your website!
3.       Take time to advertise on social media.
  • Google did NOT make social media an important factor in ranking. However, it could help in promoting. For the simple reason that everyone is on social media. These days, it’s impossible NOT to be on these sites. People love to share everything in their lives.
  • Since there’s a wide potential audience on social media, it’s the best ways to advertise your website. Not only that, it’s also a great way to gain more natural links. If you need help, this post on Using Social Media to Boost Advocacy will be beneficial to you.
  • Lastly, don’t just haphazardly post on social media. There are things you cannot do online; read the 4 Things You Should NOT Do on Social Media.


4.       Study the trending topics.
  • Now, there are tools that help you know what people are searching. With the rise of tools like Google Trends,  it’s pretty easy to catch up with the latest trends. So, take advantage of these free tools because it can help you create the content your audience wants.