Phoenix Website Design – How to Stay on Google’s Good Side? (Part 2)

Previously, I gave 3 tips on How to Stay on Google’s Good Side? (Part 1). This time, I will continue the discussion and share more tips for you. We all want to get the attention of Google, right? After all, they are the leading search engine. That would mean millions – even billions – visitors from the multitude of Google users worldwide.

person typing on the Google Search Box

Read more about it below:

1.       Tell the world what you know.
  • If you know something, then tell everyone and show them your expertise. You see, Google is constantly searching for websites that are reliable sources.
  • So, stand up if you are an “expert,” and shared you know. Most specially if you have the appropriate academic background or if you have the experience.
  • Gone are the days where you hide your identity. For Google to trust you, you need to share what you know, and disclose your credentials. If your readers will trust what you say, then Google will believe you too!
2.       Take time to optimize other on-page SEO elements.
  • On-page SEO refers to the things you can do ON your websites in order for search engines to give it better rankings. How do we apply on-page SEO? It’s not the hard to be honest.
  • First, you need to analyze your web pages and how you rank in the search results. Next, you study how the top search results do it.
  • Know how they do the following:
    • Page titles,
    • Meta description,
    • Headings, and many others.
  • These little things make a BIG impact on your overall performance. If need help on this area, I blogged about A List of Important On-Page SEO Elements.
  • Don’t neglect these seemingly unimportant things because these are far more important than you think. Remember, when you build your dream house, you just don’t go directly to painting and designing it. First and foremost, you to ensure the foundation of your dream house. So, the same goes for your website. These on-page SEO will serve as a strong foundation to prevent your website from failing.
3.       Follow the webmaster guidelines at all times!
  • Yes, SEO can get confusing with all the many updates to consider. However, always abide by Google’s Webmasters Guidelines. Whenever you can’t understand something, refer to the rules given by Google.
  • If you violated something, you will know through the Google Search Console account. Then, you correct your existing SEO practice. Remember, it is better not to violate their guidelines in the first place.
  • Usually, violations happen because a website owner is not familiar with Google’s Webmasters Guidelines. Meanwhile, others blatantly violate the rules because they think this will give them more web traffic. Nope, it wont! So, don’t even try because Google makes the rules.
  • For you to be spared from potential problems in the future, read and follow Google’s Webmasters Guidelines. Do not try to follow someone else’s advice for better results.  They don’t set the rules; only Google can. Lastly, when you apply the guidelines at heart, be patient because results won’t show up in a snap. Gradually, progress will come.

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