How to Pick the Best Portable PC?

computer devicesThere are lot of portable devices out there. It has become a trend worldwide. People are gradually giving their desktop computers up. There are endless of choices presented, and buying one device that fits your needs is tougher than you think. You have to choose between an all-purpose laptop, netbook, ultrabook, and a hybrid. Choosing the right device can be so confusing. This guide will help to decide on what device you should get.

  • Hybrid (or convertibles, 2-in1 PC, laplet.) If you are after mobility, go for a fusion between a PC and a tablet. Know that these hybrids are mostly “tablet-first” meaning they are basically tablets with optional keyboards. They are usually detachable like the Microsoft Surface series and the ASUS Transformer Book series. These additional accessories – keyboard, pen, tablet cover – are not free with your purchase. They may have limited apps depending on their respective app stores, and limited storages options.
  • Chromebook. If you want an operating system that is NOT Windows, you might want to give Chromebooks a chance. This devices runs Google’s ChromeOS. Like the Microsoft Surface Pros, they are dependent on the web apps available at its app store. They are not compatible with third party applications and you can only rely on the Chrome Web Store for applications. It does not support expandable memory and storage. You cannot find a Chromebook with a storage more than 32 GB. Instead, you will have a free cloud storage of 100GB. The only good side with these web-centric Chromebooks is that they are cheap. Notable examples are HP Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook 3, and Acer Chromebook 11. Both brands have them under $200.
  • Netbook. These are small, highly portable, lightweight computer. It is a perfect choice for people on the go and on a tight budget. Most of the manufacturers discontinued netbooks because of the new ultrabooks, but you can still see online deals. Netbooks might not be as powerful as an ultrabook, but they can handle daily computing tasks, and perform the majority of the functions of a laptop. Another good feature is that they have a long battery life, and definitely better than most laptops. They can last over 5 hours on daily use.
  • Ultrabook. If you are looking for fast, and sleek computers, this is it. Ultrabook is a high-end, elegant, and ultraportable notebooks. The most notable example is Macbook Air. In recent years, various PC manufacturers released their own line. If you are a Windows fan, you can choose from ASUS Zenbook, HP Envy, Toshiba Protégé, and other popular brands. Like netbooks, they are lightweight, and they can last long in terms of battery life. Ultrabooks are powerful and can handle Full HD videos, and some heavy games. On the downside, they may have limited ports due to the slimmer design and they are really expensive.
  • Laptop. If you need a more flexible computer, you better spend your money on a standard laptop. If you need to plug in different USB devices, SD card reader, HDMI port, and you need a CD/DVD drive, look no further. Others might be portable and great for travelling, but this is your all-around computing machine. You can check out laptops from the Acer Aspire E, and Toshiba Tecra C series.