Mistakes to Avoid in Buying a Laptop (Part 2)

businessman, coder, computerBuying a laptop is not an easy task. There are numerous factors to consider. Previously, I have indicated the importance of trying the laptop before buying, and checking the compatibility. (You can review part one here.) Here are more tips that will definitely help you in choosing the right laptop:

  • Not researching. Always try to research and make sure you are buying what you want. All these companies have official websites. Browse through their products and look at the technical specifications. Do not let the sales person sweet talk you in buying a laptop you will not be needing. You choose want you want and do not solely rely on the sales staff’s opinion. They are there to sell the products and not to give an expert opinion. Use the internet and read reviews of the laptops of you are considering to buy. These reviews will surely help you narrow down your choices.
  • Extending Warranties. It is only ideal to extend warranties if you travel a lot. In case your laptop gets stolen or damaged, you are still covered by the warranty you bought. If you are not traveling most of the time, there is no need to purchase additional warranty. It will just cost you money. To be honest, problems will likely occur when your laptop is five years old or so. The warranty is long gone by then. Just save the money for your next target laptop.
  • Buying the newest and most expensive ones. Just because a device is new does not mean it is better. People will always rave for the latest laptop out there. Do not get too excited and assume that it is going to be the “best” for you. Furthermore, the best laptop does not need to be expensive. These expensive laptops have something you do not need. For example, you do not have to get the latest version of Windows, or MacOS. These built-in operation systems might not be for you. Plus, some applications will not be compatible with them. You can go for a lower one instead of paying more for a feature that you will not be using. Plus, if you are not planning to play online games, additional RAM is not imperative. 2GB of RAM is enough when your purpose is just to do school assignments, office work, and other basic tasks.
  • Thinking that every portable computer is a laptop. A tablet equipped with a detachable keyboard is not a laptop. This hybrid of both a tablet and a laptop is getting popular these days. Yes, it looks like one because of it has a screen and keyboard, but it is not. You might think you can still type so no need to bother if it is a tablet or a laptop, right?  These convertible devices will be restricted in terms of multitasking, web browsing, and complex applications capabilities. You will be left with a device that is next to nothing if your goal is to do different tasks simultaneously. If you want faster browsing and you need to use heavy applications at work, go get an actual laptop. If you still think you need a tablet, buy one. Invest on a laptop and tablet separately. These devices are not interchangeable.