How PPC and SEO Work Together to Drive You Traffic

As soon as your website goes live, the next thing that you should be working on is how to drive traffic to the site. Whether you’re engaged in e-commerce or simply sharing a personal blog, the amount of audience you get will ultimately increase your site’s authority.

There are different tools and techniques that digital marketing experts utilize to make that possible. These include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While they work well on their own, they work even better when combined.

Considering how Google continues to make improvements in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) layout, the integration of PPC and SEO actually allows advertisers to keep up with those improvements and ensure their place on the page. In other words, it’s almost vital to do both. Here’s why:

Traffic potential

While driving organic traffic is possible, it can be difficult to achieve without proper optimization. Hence, topping the rankings is very challenging. However, the addition of PPC to your marketing strategy will easily increase the possibility of driving more traffic and landing your site at one of the top spots in page ranking.

Ultimately, you can expect an increase in your overall traffic by targeting clicks in PPC and organic traffic in SEO.

A/B Testing

With the involvement of PPC, it would be possible to test your website’s landing pages, ad copy, templates, and headlines without negatively affecting your organic traffic. In fact, the information gathered from PCC can be further fed into your organic listing and landing pages.

Data sharing

Both PPC and SEO requires keyword research, but for different purposes. Therefore, combining the individual keyword and conversion data collected from these two can potentially strengthen your campaign and allow you to generate qualified conversions more efficiently.

Overall marketing advantage

Combining data from PPC and SEO does more than just allowing you to gain a better understanding of consumer behavior like how they interact with certain digital properties or how they behave outside your site.

Creating an almost uniform set of metrics that will help establish the key performance indicators of your SEO and PCC is another way of maximizing both strategies. By doing so, you can further apply this data to your other marketing channels like in social media and email marketing.

Final thoughts

For a long time, strategists have been looking into the individual pros and cons of SEO and PPC to determine which works best and which delivers the highest amount of results. So, the current trend of combining the best of both worlds can be regarded as quite unexpected.

Nonetheless, the result of such integration is very promising, and quite a number of experts can attest to that. Although some would not guarantee the same outcome for every business, it can’t be denied that this holistic approach to combining SEO and PPC works best for a more competitive marketing strategy.