Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Isn’t as Effective (Part 2)

Last time, I discussed 3 reasons why your SEO strategy failed. They are having mediocre continent, unreliable web host, and insufficient backlinks. Now, I will discuss 3 more reasons behind this phenomenon.

Man looking frustrated while staring at his laptop

Your SEO campaign is unsuccessful because…

  1. You failed to acknowledge the latest Google Algorithm updates.
  • As SEO professionals, it’s not easy to keep up with the amount of updates. From time to time, Google releases major updates. We all can’t do anything about it except to heed with their changes.
  • At all times, every website should observe these Google updates. If not, the rankings will suffer. Don’t expect your website to appear on the 1st page of the SERPs.
  • There are numerous Google Algorithm updates namely Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, Fred, and many others. Penguin, for instance, responsible for bringing down websites that violate Google’s guidelines. If you apply Black Hat SEO techniques, then say goodbye to your website. That’s why buying links for your site will cost you money and it will also endanger your website.
  • On the other hand, Panda ensures that you won’t see bad search results when using Google. It is making sure that what you will be seeing will only be high-quality websites. So, always strive to provide excellent content to your audience because Google is always watching your every step.
  • More algorithmic updates will be available in the future. Regularly check the Webmasters Blog and the official Google Blog for latest developments in the world of tech and SEO.
  1. Website has a high bounce rate.
  1. Implementing obsolete SEO schemes.
  • Well, the most straightforward reason why your SEO strategy is not working is because your tactics are out-of-date. Like what I said on number 4, you need to keep up with updates. These algorithm updates will be on the lookout for old SEO trends. Then, Google will apply the necessary actions.
  • To name a few, you should not be doing keyword-related schemes such as keyword stuffing, keyword abuse, keyword cannibalism. Link schemes such as link directories and link buying is a huge NO! Please do not apply any of these bad link habits!
  • You will only get over this stage if you know the current (and obsolete) trends.  In order to not bring your PageRank scores further down the drain, read these tips on how not to endanger your PageRank scores.


There are still other reasons why your SEO strategy is not as effective. Remember, SEO is something you cannot rush. Results will NOT show up in a blink of an eye! Yes, it will take some time so you really need to have patience and determination above all else.