Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Dwindled Down (Part 1)

When you have a website to manage, there are numbers to constantly track. Website traffic is one of them, but sometimes, you would wonder why the numbers fluctuate. What could be the reason behind this? What affects the decrease in website activity?

Stairs going down

Here are 5 reasons why web traffic isn’t as high as you expected it to be:

  1. A Shift to Mobile.

  • Change isn’t a foreign concept in the digital world. There are new things discovered almost every day, and this changes the established concepts that we grew to adapt. It is evident most especially in the mobile sector. Mobile users are becoming a huge factor in website activity, and because of this, people are now prefer to surf the web on their mobile phone. Businesses are doing their best to cater to the mobile users. Thus, content is optimized for the different mobile devices.
  • It is important to understand how the users nowadays obtain new content. Web traffic is changing because the users themselves are changing. There could be changes the time the users are searching for information. It could also be the changes in the keywords used.
  • What is applicable is on the desktop view might not be recommended for the mobile view. Keeping up with the new trends in the mobile industry is crucial. You have to learn on how to enhance your website in order to address the growing number of mobile users.
  1. The Changing Habits of the User.

  • Knowing what affected the website traffic can quite a challenge. It could also be the users so it is also imperative to study their activity online. Are there any changes on how they search? What changed in the way search for new information? What are they looking for now?
  • Your website traffic might be affected because there could be something new that showed up elsewhere. Find out what this new product is and strategize on how to lure users back to your side of the court. The iPhone is losing traffic because of the immergence of the mobile phone brands from China such as Huawei and OPPO. Plus, other brands such as Samsung just released the first foldable smartphone that morphs into a 7-inch tablet.
  • It could also not be about an immerging product, but it could be new habits. Another change that could affect website traffic is how people consume new information. Let me give a specific example. Blogging greatly decreased because people preferred to view content visually. Everything tied to traditional blogging went downhill when video blogging (or vlogging) became popular.
  • Of course, there are still people who would prefer to read information than to watch it. It’s just that the trends are showing that there is a change from text format to video format. These trends are what you should keep in mind. Try to attract these vlog consumers and formulate new content to make up for the lost traffic.

In the future, newer platforms would be available. The best thing you can do is to identify the upward trends and downward trends. Plus, study if these trends will be here for the long term. I still have a lot to talk about on the next post. Stay tuned for that as I share more reasons why website is down.