Relevance and Email Marketing

Email marketing is the pillar of today’s establishments. You got to have an effective email marketing strategy in order to improve your conversion rates.

So, why is email marketing more effective than say, personal branding, social media marketing, and many others? Well, because it has such amazing probable ROI, and it does not cost a lot to do. Just collect email addresses from the customers you have, use your followers in social media, and there you go! You can use newsletter and such to create traffic to your website, and to make your audience remember your brand or your services.

Checking emails

Checking emails

While it is true that email marketing is effective in every digital channel, does not guarantee your success. True you can think of various ways to do a marketing strategy but it does not mean it will work.

Having great ideas is great but the secret is in the action after the idea is set. Today, you will learn to do just that. Ideas, action, staggering results! So, get ready and learn what you should fix on your end.

What is relevance?

  • Big word, yes! So, make sure your messages have relevance to your audience. If not, well suffer the consequences of reduced list. A research discovered that irrelevance is the number one reason people cited for unsubscribing from email lists. And that could be forever!
  • So now you know how much relevance is important to your business. Think again before trying to make a marketing email campaign. Ask yourself, what you did that made people sign up to you. Then ask again some more questions like:
    • How could your new ideas be relatable to your subscribers?
    • What sort of values will it give your subscribers?
    • Will your message help solve a problem or it tells your subscriber that you are just selling something to them?

If the above questions cannot give an honest to goodness value to your subscribers, then your messages are simply irrelevant. Keep that in mind and make sure that if your goal is to add up to the subscriber list, make sure you remember the word, relevant. You will never go wrong.

Now, why is relevance so important in your email marketing success?  It was already mentioned that sending messages that are irrelevant is the main reason why people leave your mailing lists despite the fact that they subscribe to you in the beginning. If it does not capture their interest, it could be that your subscribers can no longer relate to you and they could not even share with their friends or relatives, then you will lose them. They want something like updates in sales or your new products, a good discount. Make them feel you value them and knows exactly what they want.

Alright, we did say that you have to be relevant, point well taken, right? Now think of how to increase your response rates, boost sales, and keep your subscribers eager for more. Just make sure you tickle their need by answering the question, “what‘s in it for me?” You shouldn’t disregard this. If you need some pointers to add relevance to your email marketing campaign, follow this link.