SEO Phrases That Are In and That Are Out

Pretty Woman, God Father III, Mac, Honda Civic, Mariah Carey. What do they have in common? Simple, after 20 years, they are still popular. SEO is the same, but there are a few changes that should be done. An example would be letting go of the outdated and using the phrases that are in.

Three Scrabble Tiles: SEO.

Three Scrabble Tiles: SEO.

Here are the phrases that should be out:

  • SEO was called many things like “search engine placement,” but none of these terms stuck. Tobe honest, only SEO successfully ever did! But does it recount what content marketers and search engine marketers do, no. Are we really optimizing or even optimizing for search engines? Certainly not. If that is the case, why are we still using the term SEO?
  • Link Building is a procedure of obtaining hyperlinks that comes from other websites to your own website. Because of this, it is always changing and now building high quality links has become very vital. The problem is, there is no clear guide in knowing what to do and what not to do. And there are more don’ts than do’s. It is to crafty that the term should be changed in a more positive linking practices.
  • Black hat SEO term is so outdated! To begin with, algorithm updates will take out bad strategies and so the sites that uses them go straight down in ratings. It could also be that the experience of the users will be reduced that even the high rankings will not matter anymore.
  • White hat SEO refers to the use of optimization strategies and abilities that improves your ranking in SERP results that is user-friendly. Meanwhile, it continues to be honest by following search engines guidelines. It is the only method that is stable and proves to be beneficial not just to your website but your brand and business as well.
  • SEO Hacks is as negative as it sounds. The truth is, there is no SEO “black hat” or SEO “white hat.”  Generally speaking, it is an unauthorized intrusion that violates another person’s personal data to be used to exploit. It can also mean changing a certain system or to tamper the security features.

Here are the phrases that are in:

  • Content marketing is the “in” when it comes to marketing. Content Marketing and SEO combined together is a sure success to companies that practice this strategy.
  • SEO copywriting is a kind of writing that uses key words. These are the words that people type in the search box to achieve high ranking in the search results.
  • Artificial intelligence is the creation of intelligent machines such as content robots, voice search, and voice assistants that changes our search experience. It also includes learning, speech recognition, planning, and problem solving.
  • Virtual reality could be the next technology that could blend together perfectly. Virtual reality with content can reach the virtual goals that could be impossible but probable.
  • Trust building is the phrase that we should never forget. This means you focus on user and audience. Assist your users and start building their trust.