Why SEO is Still Important for Businesses


Search engine optimization encompasses every single industry. From startups, retail stores, and corporations, there’s a constant need to improve a business’ online presence. And this year, the same is still true for all businesses.


But do you really need SEO? For a business that’s a far-cry from tech, it might be a little doubtful if they still need such optimization. But as the internet takes sales by storm, there’s no doubt that practicing ideal SEO strategies is never dead for business owners.


Here’s why SEO is still important for your business:

1.    SEO is directly connected to your sales funnel

A sales funnel is targeted to hook a visitor to the possibility of availing your service or product. But before it happens, that person has to find your website first.


And how would you do it? Search engine optimization. The higher you rank on SERPs, the more clicks and conversion you’ll get.

2.    SEO helps you engage your audience

Ranking at the top of the SERPs imbibes trustworthiness for internet users. True enough, by doing so you surely earned the nod of various search engines.


But aside from reaching the top, SEO is also about sending the right message to your audience. That way, they stay connected to your website.  


3.    SEO gives you the exposure you need

All businesses need exposure to increase their sales. Using optimal SEO strategies and awesome content, you’ll gain the spotlight.


However, this isn’t an easy process and you need an expert to conduct it for you. By targeting the right audience, your business will experience a drastic increase in conversion.


4.    SEO is better than PPCs

As much as SEO and PPC may cost the same, the lasting effect is the determiner. PPC only last for a certain period while SEO will give you lasting effects. Your effort will run for months even after you’ve paid the SEO expert for its service.


5.    SEO pulls in organic traffic

If done right, SEO can pull in traffic to your website by as much as 300% more than social media sites. Also, the moment you rank on top of SERPs, you are guaranteed clicks from thousands of visitors. With high traffic, you can expect better conversion rates.


6.    SEO is in the works 24/7

Unlike PPCs that have expiration periods, SEO works 24/7. Even when you sleep, eat, or daydream, optimal SEO will keep your site on top of the search results.


Your website is open all the time and ready to take in orders or new subscribers.

7.    SEO increases your ROI

For marketers, SEO is proven to yield higher ROI than other paid methods. By optimizing your site for search, it will become a magnet for sales and new patrons.


You should make sure that you target the keywords your customers are searching for. That way, you can lead them directly to your sales funnel.


Regardless if you’re running a startup or a large company, SEO can make a difference in your revenue. But remember that SEO is a long-term strategy that requires consistency and the right techniques.