Skitch Alternatives for Android

I listed Skitch alternatives for Windows right here. I thought it would be a good idea to also offer something for Android users. So, here we are.

silver Android smartphone

After looking screenshot apps on the Play Store, I have successfully came with 5 useful apps. Are you excited? Read about them below.

  1. Droid Screenshot Free

  • Droid Screenshot was previously known as Ashampoo snap. The free versions may contain ads; if you wish you skip the ads, there’s a paid version here.
  • You can take screenshots in 3 ways: a) you can use the Droid Screenshot Free screenshot button, b) you can also press the button on your notification panel, or c) you can take a picture by pressing 2 hardware keys simultaneously.
  • With Droid Screenshot, you can easily capture, edit and share images on your mobile device. You can also load existing photos, and add arrows, stamps, boxes to prove your point. Once you are done, you can share the edited images to the social apps on your phone.
  • Save what you see. Of course, your memory won’t remember every little detail. Screenshot important information and view them at a later date. Droid Screenshot Free is really helpful when you are trying to capture documents, instructions, and procedures that are too long to memorize.
  1. Nimbus Clipper

  • Nimbus Clipper is a companion of the Nimbus Capture. With the Nimbus Clipper, you can capture anything you see. Whether these are documents, images, conversations, and links, you can all save them.
  • You can even save fragments and compile them all later. Capture multiple pages and create one note to assemble them all together. You can easily edit articles and get rid of the annoying ads.
  • Turn pages that filled with ads into a reader-friendly image. It’s now very easy to remove unnecessary content and focus only on the texts and images you actually need.
  • If you only want the images, then, the Nimbus Clipper can help you clip the images you want to us. It also has a document scanner. Sales invoice and official receipts will be clearly captured using this powerful tool.
  1. Screen Master

  • With Screen Master, you can stitch multiple screenshots together. You have an option to put them together horizontally or vertically. Screen Master guarantees a superb screenshot; images are saved without losing photo quality.
  • Screenshots can be taken once you shake your mobile device or pressing the floating button. Various annotations can be added; you can crop an image, add a text, insert shapes, and many more.
  • The file size is only small. In fact, Screen Master needs less than 15MB of storage. The biggest advantage of all? Screen Master is available for free, and there are NO restrictions on its use.
  • Other features include: you can add emoji stickers, blur images, and photos can be saved as PNG. The premium version can be downloaded here.

There are still other fantastic tools you can download online. You might wanna try free apps such as Screenshot touch, Screenshot Easy, Screenshot , Screenshot Capture, and Lightshot. They are highly-rated too!