Skitch Alternatives for Windows

I remember giving tips on how to choose the right images for your blog post. One of my recommendations there was to add more screenshots that will serve as a visual guide for the users. Now, how do take screenshots?

person holding mouse in front of monitor

For sure, when you search, there will be hundreds of free or paid options. Since I am a certified cheapskate, I would list down the free apps for you. No need to browse different websites because I will give you 4 options below.

  • Greenshot
    • If you have a Windows PC, then, you are lucky. Greenshot is completely free for Windows, and you can download the latest version here. However, Mac users need to pay $1.99 to avail it.
    • Greenshot is a lightweight tool yet it is packed with features. Of course, you take screenshots whether you want a windowed or fullscreen capture. You can also focus on a specific region of the screen.
    • Not only that, you can also easily annotate your images so viewers can immediately identify what you are trying to point out. Sharing it is easy as well. You can choose to export your image files to the clipboard, to your computer, and to websites such as Flickr, Imgur, Picasa, and photo sharing sites.
    • Shortcuts make your life easier. When you press Ctrl + Print Scr, Greenshot takes a fullscreen screenshot. Pressing Print Scr alone will allow you to specify what region to capture. That is Greenshot’s way of making life easy.
    • Well, if you consider the looks, the user interface is nothing like the sophisticated Skitch. However, if you look at the features, let me tell you that Greenshot has all the features of Skitch. So, why pay when you have a free alternative right here?
  • Jing
    • Techsmith, a software developer, thought of a free software that offer basic screen capture features. Thus, Jing came into the picture.
    • This is also Techsmith’s way of promoting their SnagIt app, a paid screenshot tool. If you can’t get the best tool, then, Jing is the trade-off. Since Jing is free, there are lesser features compared to SnagIt. BUT IT DOESN’T MEAN JING IS THAT BAD!
    • With Jing, you are still able to instantly capture images and videos. After, you can share it to anyone. The only downside is that there are no built-in editing features. You are only able to capture screenshots, and the video is only limited to 5 mins. Jing is available for both Windows and Mac.
  • ScreenPresso
    • Compatible with almost all Windows OS, Screenpresso is a FREE tool Windows users should not miss. It provides you with both image and video capture capabilities. You won’t have to worry about explaining things to your blog followers.
    • If you also want to present an idea to a potential client, Screenpresso won’t disappoint you. It will capture your desktop for easier bug reports, design collaboration, and HD video tutorials. Plus, the built-in editor makes it convenient for you to add notes.
    • All these tasks mentioned will be easy as pie with Screenpresso. If you want to share your creations online, its integrated support for more than 10 platforms is available. You can quickly share them on Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.