Phoenix Website Design – The 4 Mistakes to Avoid when Conducting Keyword Research (Part 1)

According to Advanced Web Ranking’s 2017 SEO Stats Report, even though keyword research is a tedious task to accomplish, many people enjoy the idea of it. Many SEO practitioners agree that keyword research is not one easy task.

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Since everyone seems to avoid keyword research when they can, I thought of sharing the most common mistakes when conducting keyword research.

1. Not remembering the searcher intent.

We are all preoccupied with the actual search that we often forget to really carefully think about the intent of the user.

What do they want to look for? Do I provide content for things they are searching?

Remember, the created content should match for what user is searching. Many are obsessed with clicks, sales, and many others that they forget the most important factor: the search  intent.

For instance, when you offer tutorials on your website, people would NOT want to read a lengthy paragraph. Most people would want a brief and concise explanation.

At the end of the day, your content should match what your target audience are searching for. Answer their questions so they would bring in a huge influx of web traffic.

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2. Not studying the search results page.

If you want to really identify the users’ searcher intent, you would be analyzing the actual results in the SERPs. You can’t just sit there and let the keyword research tools do the job for you.

Stop looking at tools, and start to study the keywords you are ranking for in the SERPs. Look at what are the top results when you search for the keywords. Check if Google suggest your content when you type in specific keywords. If not, then, learn from the top results. Look at what these top websites have on their list of high ranking content.

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3. Focus on the volume too much.

Naturally, you would think that it is best to go for the highest volume keywords. You see, not all metrics are exactly the best for your website.

Yes, we would want to rank for keywords that will help us gain more visitors. However, the highest volume keywords are not always the best. It is more important to know what is relevant for your website. Identify the queries your users searches for, and provide solution to their predicament. Again, do not concentrate on the volume of the keywords.

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4. Ignoring the longer keywords.

Aside from not focusing on the search volume, you should not also concentrate on the short keywords. It’s easy to rank for the shorter terms, but competition is higher in this area.

However, when you rank for longer tail keywords, you get more conversions here. The users searching for longer tail keywords are ready to make a purchase. All you need to do is give them a nudge, and they will convert into your customers.

Other than that, the longer keywords would mean less competition for you. This is your chance to answer their queries, gaining more opportunities to gain the users’ trust. Plus, you will establish your authority in the subject. Hence, users won’t hesitate to avail your product and services if they need to.

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