The Different Ways to Get More Reviews on Google (Part 3)

Now, this is the last post on the 3-part article regarding the different ways to get more reviews on Google. If you need to review, here’s the link to: The Different Ways to Get More Reviews on Google (Part 1) and The Different Ways to Get More Reviews on Google (Part 2).

Train your employees to ask for reviews in a polite way.

Your customer service representatives are on the frontline of your business. Each day, these employees will encounter various customers so you need to give them the right tools on their arsenal. They should understand on the best way to handle product-related queries. Without your customer service team, your business will not be able to acquire the much needed positive reviews.

  • They should follow a script.
    • Guide your team on should they ask for reviews. Providing real-life scenarios will help because asking directly might be an obvious move on your end. Instead, develop their social skills so they can form a connection with the customer.
    • If you say “Please leave a positive review on Google.”, it just sounds demanding of you. Anyone who would hear that line would be offended. So, try to say something like, “Thanks for contacting us, Ms. Lane! I am happy to know that you are very much satisfied with your recent purchase. If you want us to continue our manufacturing products that you love, please share your review on Google.”
  • Reward their efforts.
    • In part 2, I mentioned offering gifts to customers. This also applies to your employees as well! Yes, you should reward your customer service representatives who are doing a good job in acquiring positive reviews. By doing this, you are encouraging everyone to go above and beyond the call of duty.
    • If an employee’s name is mentioned, it’s a sure sign that you should reward that employee. It simply means your employee was able to meet the expectations of the customer. Hence, take time to appreciate all your productive employees.

Add a Google review link to your website or app.

  • Merely copying and pasting reviews will not convince other people to buy. Instead, you should collate all the positive reviews and feature them on your website. In fact, you can make customized images and share the overwhelmingly positive reviews on your social media accounts.
  • Once you highlight all these reviews on your website, add a convenient link like “Read what the other customers are raving about.” This way, potential customers can easily access all the reviews posted.

Giveaway signage

Host events and conduct giveaways.

  • Remember, not everything is about business! So, take time to develop your relationship with all your customers. By hosting a giveaway, you are showing your appreciation to your customers. This is your way of showing your gratitude for their years of patronage to your business.
  • To be included in the giveaway, you can add certain condition such as sharing a product review. The goal here is not to make more money, but to experiment to the ways to widen your audience reach. If you think hosting special giveaways help you in increasing brand awareness, then make it a regular event.

Wrapping up

Google is number 1 in the world of search.  In fact, they are constantly developing new ways to make search easier for all. You can’t just ignore the influence of Google in strengthening a website’s reputation. The more Google reviews you have, the more it is good for business.