Phoenix Website Design – The Things That SEO Tools Will NOT Tell You (Part 1)

On the internet, there’s practically a tool that fits our needs. For SEO, there are Backlink Tools You Can Use to Check Link QualityTools for Keyword Research Free Tools that Will Help in Content Creation, and many more. Most of the time, we depend on these tools to perform our tasks efficiently. These tools help us in gathering information, and gathering reports.

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With these tools ready to help us anytime, we ask more from these technologies that we constantly use. However, not everything can be achievable with the various tools available. Because of our dependence on these tools, we tend to forget a number of important things. Below, I will list the things that the SEO tools cannot tell us. Yes, they are useful, but they cannot teach us these things.

  1. The Goals

  • One thing these SEO tools cannot figure out is the goals of the website. Only you can assess the goals you want to achieve.
  • These tools just help us with project managementwebsite optimization, and so on. However, only you can ever know what you want to do with your website.
  • If you need help with researching on keywords, there’s the Google Keyword Planner. This search tool will provide data can be used for goal setting with our clients or even our own team.
  • At the end of the day, it is up to us on how we interpret the Google Keyword Planner‘s search data. Unfortunately, these data are based on assumptions and estimation. None of these can actually tell the exact number of traffic a specific keyword can get. Moreover, no tool can dictate our direction and our goals.
  1. The Sales

  • Next, the tools cannot tell us our expected revenue or income. We research in order to know the projected outcome of every business venture. No tool can asses how a proposal can be successful or what the expected sales for this project.
  • If one is doing keyword research, only the web traffic,conversion rates, and impressions can be known. The different keyword research tools can predict possible outcome, but it cannot tell the exact numbers.
  • I’m not tell you to just trust me or trust the paid tools. However, no one can really actually say how a website will perform. It all depends on our marketing efforts and SEO strategies.

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  1. The Actual Performance

  • Though technologies are developing quickly, tools cannot promise anything. Even with AI and project simulations, nothing is certain. These things are merely depend on previous search data and projected trends. Moreover, tools rely only on what your website has. It fails to see the bigger picture. Only us, humans, can make logical connections. Will this factor influence SERP rankings or not? You gotta trust your own SEO knowledge!
  • We are the only ones who have the capabilities to foresee future results. These tools can only aid us while we make predictions, but these cannot guarantee anything especially in terms of website performance.

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