Phoenix Website Design – The Things That SEO Tools Will NOT Tell You (Part 2)

Previously, I discussed 3 things that SEO tools cannot tell you. However, in this day and age, we heavily rely on the different SEO tools to give us important data. BUT DO THESE THINGS KNOW EVERYTHING? Well, unfortunately not.

Man looking at graphs and numbers

That’s why, I decided to post this article in order for you to know the other 3 things that SEO tools cannot explain to you. Read about them below:

  1. The Future
  • The Google algorithms present now are different from the algorithm years ago. The tools are reliant on Google’s rules. Of course, we all depend on Google because their ranking factors constantly evolves.
  • Since these days content is an important factor, many companies keep up with regularly posting updates and publishing newer articles.
  •  What Will Happen to SEO After Google Search? Who knows what will be the most important factor 5 years from now, right? All we have to do is adapt with the changes imposed by Google. For sure, The New Google Search Is Here!
  1. The Content
  • If you read my post on Interpreting “Quality” the Google Way, you would know that Google heavily emphasizes on content. In fact, they gave out several questions for you to self-assess your existing content.
  • It’s not really about publishing more articles. However, it is about the completeness of an article. In order to have higher SERP rankings, we all need to evaluate the content on our website and our direct competitors.
  • Yes, the keyword research tools can help us with suggesting topics, but the exact topics that are best for our website are definitely not found on any SEO tools. Hence, we should NOT copy others because Google hates to see duplicate content. At the end of the day, it’s up to us to plan and strategize what content we want to publish online.
  1. The Plan of Action
  • Lastly, no tool can tell how to do our SEO campaign. Moreover, no tool can tell to focus on this and do that. Tools can only give recommendations, but it is up to us to assess and decide if this suggestion is indeed the best possible solution. No one can prioritize the tasks list for you… ONLY YOU CAN DO THIS!
  • In truth, the tools can help us manage our work and help us organize it. After that, the ball is on our side of court. Thus, we have rely on our SEO experience in order to plan and prioritize things according to its purpose.
  • Only you can decide if you want to optimize on-page SEO factors, or you want to strengthen your link profile. That depends on your own strategy!

To Sum Up…

Despite the advancement of technology and the constant update of algorithms, there are still things better done manually. Not all important data are given by SEO tools. Yes, various tools can help you with backlinks, content, research, and many more. Remember, there are gaps that SEO tools cannot fill. Only we are capable of that. That’s why SEO professionals are there. They will help you connect the dots and enhance your SEO strategy for the better.