Thematic Sites and their Importance for SEO

Generating quality content has been the backbone of any digital marketing campaign in recent years. After all, creating fresh and informative content on a regular basis is crucial to achieving better search engine rankings.


The problem, however, is when there are only a few links to your pages and the amount of traffic being generated by your site doesn’t convert to desirable actions like purchases or product/service inquiries at the least.


If you are someone who puts a significant amount of time, effort, and money into your content, nothing can be more heartbreaking than realizing that your work is not generating the kind of results that you expect.  It would mean going back to the drawing board to think of more effective ways and strategies to bring in more exposure towards your site or blog’s content.


Now if you are tired of all the heartaches and failures and want to begin enjoying positive returns for all your content marketing efforts, then stick around because you will surely love what we have in store for you today.


Operational and Thematic Content

The thing is, every single content is unique and coming to terms with this reality will help you a lot in your digital marketing endeavours. It’s certainly important to put some considerable thought and effort into creating content for your website but what you should always avoid is generating content without purpose and goal. On the other hand, the best approach would be to focus your attention on the role of on-site content.


So first things first, you need to know how content works for readers and search engines so you can use the proper strategy and enjoy optimum results. Content on every website can also be classified into two groups:


  • Operational Content
  • Thematic Content


What is Operational Content?

Operational content represents the general framework of your business. For a Personal Injury Lawyer in Washington, operational content would be the professional legal services that he or she offers, the address of the law office or firm, its opening and closing hours, and so on and so forth.


This content is basically the core information that searchers will look into before they opt for your business.  Although there is less room to play around and create link building opportunities with these kinds of information, operational content is extremely important when it comes to your website’s functionality and overall user experience.


Why Thematic Content is Extremely Important

Thematic content embodies the essential details of your business, such as the description of your product or service, client testimonials and referrals, list of past work, and your businesses missions and vision and core principles.


This kind of content provides plenty of SEO opportunities – perfect for keyword optimization, creating backlinks and best of all, offering value to website users. Thematic content is also the number one content strategy that e-commerce marketers use to generate sales and drive traffic.

With that being said, if you notice a lack of traffic and influence in your website, there is a high possibility that you are not investing enough on thematic content.